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Low end performance gains

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For those of you who have knowledge of the LS1 motor, I was wondering what performance bolt ons would be recommended for low end performance gains for the 2004 GTO? What brand of headers and air intake would be recommended for the LS1 in the GTO?
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You will see some great new products hitting the market this spring
I will definately be watching for those.

If you give any more low end you will need Drag Slicks.
Not just low end, but all across the RPM range. LS1's respond phenomenoly to simple bolt on's. Like DY said, soon, you're gonna see a plethora of cold air intakes and of course uncorking the exhaust will do wonders.

I went from 283rwhp stock to 316rwhp with cat-back and MTI air lid (the F-Body's version of a cold air setup).

An engine is nothing more than a glorified air pump. The quicker you can inhale, consume and expel it (and it's by products), the more power the engine will make.
I'd go with stickier tires and lower gears (3.73 or 4.10), adjust speed/odometer when LS1 Edit is available, and sit back and wait for the aftermarket to come up with not only the parts but the CHOICES of parts before I go mod-wild. Just my 2cents.
The usuals for us include:
Headers (Tri-y for low-mid range gain, 4-1 for top end)
Twin 2 1/2" Cat-back system.
For the M6, 3.91 or some guys are using 4.11 with either a full spool or mini-spool centre (for the drags, but also on the street (not quite legal here, though)). For the A4, 3.73 or 3.91 with a T/C.
Our tuners seem to have a pretty good grasp on LS1Edit and are regularly seeing gains of over 50rwhp over stock.
Larger MAF to Throttle Body pipe (4" ought to do it)
Enlarging the hole in the front of the airbox or replacement with a pod-type filter.

Then Cam, then heads, then stroke it, then blow it, then.......... :D

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