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Many Thanks

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I just wanted to thank all of you for your support. Enough of you questioned what my dealer was doing that I finally got off my butt and did something about it. Through some subterfuge I finally got them to admit that my order was not within their alotment. I do not blame them fully as I was listening with ears that were too hopeful. However I was able to find another dealer that had a black/red/A4 with a TPW of 10/29. I did end up paying a premium but at this point I am too frickin' excited to care. Now that I have an order number and a TPW I can cut down on my drinking.
:drink: :drink:
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Excellant news!!!:D I thought there was something up with your original order. Did they even ever place it?
Hot Damn!!!! but you were only down to 2:drink: :drink:

I'm happy for you.
Congrats Tails! I think you will really like the black/red combo. It was probably my second choice. However, I had to cringe a little at the "premium" talk. Oh well, you only live once......:D
Gosh Tails now you have a TPW earlier than mine. What's the name of that 12 Step Program again?? Just kidding sir, congratulations you deserve it!!:D
chotton said:
Excellant news!!!:D I thought there was something up with your original order. Did they even ever place it?
That is what threw me. I have a copy of the order that was placed. The chances of it actually getting filled were practically zero.

:drink: :drink:
Great news, your gonna love the black/red combo. Everyone that seen my car loves the way that combo goes together.
I wondered if vehicle color was an issue in this whole deal
Dealerships? Go figure.

I'm happy for you Tails, Just remember, "Purple is for people eaters," you really didn't want that color anyway.

Yes, I know, I'm old...
Congrats tails! I was thinking about ditching my impulse blue for a black on so I could get it earlier. But after rethinking my decission, I decided to wait. Besides the mountains of New Mexico get snow till about March. And that's when I'm expecting it. ;)
Black with red - looks the best to me anyway. Congrats on the news. :D :D :D
Fantastic - with a decent TPW too

Tails --- I work for GM ---- when you place an order they give you an order # but till that # moves it doesn't mean anything. If a dealer has only 1 allocation and takes 10 orders he will get 10 order #s but only get the 1 car. I might be dealing with the same problem ---- my dealer says that he doesn't know what his allotment is but all of the other dealers around do. He is taking the first one and I have the second one at GMS but if he gets only 1 I will be waiting all year for something that isn't even coming. I have another dealer that has 1 I can get at MSRP but that is hard to pay when you are a GM Employee the difference of about $28,500 to $32,500 HOW BAD DO I REALLY WANT THIS. HD926
I was looking at the same $ difference. I walked away twice before finally deciding that it was either this or wait another year. An additional problem with where I live is that there are Microsoft millionaires up the ying yang. It is tough to compete with people that collect cars because they can afford it. If I knew back in July what I know now I would have given Jason a ringy dingy!!
:drink: :drink:
Hell, the GTO must be not as popular in Iowa. I know our dealership has at least 3 or 4 left at MSRP for ya Tails. I'm sure they'll be gone once more GTO's start hitting the streets though.

That premium is BS. If they had the nerve to tell me they're putting a premium on the GTO, I'd tell them to suck a d%^$ and I'd go get a really NICE used Z06 for the same price as their "premium".

Hell, I've looked at so many other cars, that if they even thought the word "premium" I'd be out the door so fast in another car.

:D :D I'm glad for you, Tails. Maybe by the time you get your car you'll be down to one :drink:
You're right Edge, I've talked to a couple of Diehards but other than that no one here in Iowa seems to know the thing exists, or will exist, or......whatever. The car is as anonymous as Pontiac's information department! Maybe we'll have more cars to pick from!! Maybe I shouldn't us get ahead of ourselves. We might get the Goat, we might get the horns!!
Yeah, I've run into maybe 2 people in the past several months that have known about the new GTO. Mostly guys I talk to at the bars on weekends and what not.

The less that know, the better. The new GTO is definitely a sleeper car in MY dictionary.

"What's that you say?....... 350HP?......... in THAT?!?!"

Green light!
Alot of people don't know what a GTO is here in California too.
Another reason the GTO is a sleeper is because Pontiac isn't advertising the car on TV that much.
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