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I was contemplating a catback for my GTO and decided I wanted to go with Magnaflow. Well, lots of vendors over on the left carry Magnaflow, but Maryland Speed had the lowest price listed on their site- significantly lower. Seems everyone else wants to to call and haggle with them over the price.
Anyway, the free shipping on top of that made me go "OK"
I'm not in that much of a hurry. It might be next month before I have time to tackle this anyway.

So, enter the info, got confirmation email and I was a bit confused about a piece of info on the email so I replied. Now, keep in mind, this was about 6:00pm PACIFIC time. No way did I expect what I got- a prompt reply only a few minutes later which alleviated my concerns about billing.

Two more emails came that evening confirming my order, but I didn't get any tracking information so I figured it would show up in a couple days, perhaps dropshipped, perhaps not.

I was pleasantly surprised yesterday, yes that is SATURDAY, when my catback showed up on my doorstep.

I took a chance, and Maryland Speed earned my business and kudos! :burnout:


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MarylandSpeed said:
Well keep in mind guys, we just sell parts on the internet. People have used that against us...but I think it makes our service better. First off we have lower overhead because we don't have lifts, and dynos to pay for. This allows us to operate at lower margins. Also, our staff is not busy dealing with customers in the store or dealing with installs. Also, by doing most of our business over the internet, it allows us to process orders quicker. I think some other places are too busy getting customers on the phone so they will bite and order without really researching. Problem is, you are always on the phone, and don't get anything done. As every one is saying here, we reply to emails quick, which is something that is rare anymore.

Anyways, thanks for the feedback guys!

I am a firm believer of doing one thing very well and then moving on to more:)

good to hear something nice about them,btw are you guys going to stock pacesetter LTs for the GTO? just wondering for the future

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Yep, you've earned my business.

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