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I was wondering who lives in or around the state of Delaware?
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I'm in Annapolis, MD. Not counting 1860's allegiances, are we northeast or southeast? ;)

There are a couple other forum members in Maryland I know of and a couple in DC.
I'm in southcentral Pa.
Im in MA
I'm in North West NJ.

I'm located in Rochester, NY.

I expect to receive my GTO during the week of January 12th.

It arrived in KC on January 3rd (Thanks to HD926 for the info).

Should take about 1 week to go by train to Lordstown, OH then 1 day by truck to Rochester.


Bobp16 :cool:
superwildcat what city/town are you from?
We ah up heyah in Nuh Hampshure! :cool:

its kinda funny, if you talk to a texan very rarely will you get a "i'm from Texas" most of the time you will get i'm from Dallas, Austin, Houstin etc etc
Northern Maryland
Well, I guess you are north east of somewhere, and being the good guy that you are with the updates and all, you are welcome! :D :drink: :drink: :drink:
I'm a british guy who works for a japanese company waiting for a car that has german roots and was built in Australia to be Iowa. :drink:
After we get our GTO's in, would anyone be interested in having a GTO meet in Massachusetts?
Sure. TprGTO what part of mass are you from?
Berkshires, Western MA
1 - 20 of 44 Posts
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