Set of new Meyle 108mm 28 spline (Porsche 930) CV joints. All 4 have EMPI chromoly cages installed, the cages have mild wear--i just had extra ones sitting around from an axle rebuild that had pretty low miles, so i used them in these. These will work with the stock 05/06 axles on both ends or the 04 axles on the inboard end of the axle.

The Meyle joints are made in china, FYI. I did run a set many years ago in my blue car (which only had bolt ons and was street driven) and they held up fine. They are a decent stock replacement joint, just don't expect them to hold up if you race or abuse the car.

These sell on ebay for $59 a pair. Since these are still new and are slightly upgraded with chromoly cages, I'll ask $120 + shipping for the set of 4. The chromoly cages are like $40-$50 a piece new when bought separately, but come standard on the EMPI joints.

please PM for a shipping quote.

$120 + shipping OBO