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R.I.P. Robert
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I'm creating this thread for myself and everybody else who wants to make a post of their mods and link that single post in their signatures.

I think it's much better than having a huge list in my sig... although right now I have weenie mods, LOL. That will change soon enough though. :gr_devil:

You can always come back and edit your single post in this thread to change or add things.

For those that don't know how, just copy the link of the number of your post (the # in the upper right-hand corner of your post) and use that URL for your link. When someone clicks that link, it will just show that single post in a new window. ;)

R.I.P. Robert
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****** MODS ******

(not much... yet)

  • Flowmaster 40 Mufflers
  • Stolen Fox H-Pipe
  • AMW Catch Can
  • Speed Inc. Traction Control Switch Reverser
  • SLP CAGS Eliminator
  • JHP Gauge Pod [yellow volt+oil gauges/05-06 font]
  • Removed Stock Spoiler [welded holes/repainted trunk lid]
  • Removed Pontiac Arrowhead Trunk Emblem [welded holes/repainted trunk lid]
  • Removed "Pontiac" and "6.0" Trunk Emblems
  • Headlight Armor Light Smoke Headlight, Foglight and Taillight Tint
  • Fuzzy Dice :D
****** POWER ******

  • 349 RWHP
  • 339 RWTQ
Dyno Graph (before H-Pipe):

****** PICS ******

November '07:

December '07:

GoatF3st March '07 (me on the right):


ETG Sticker (+10 HP):


Suffering Fools
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Traded the car, 6/18/10




I crush ribs.
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Nice idea Keith! My Sig needs major help....:( I need to inlay our ETG logo and use a better pic...ah, someday I'll get it done I guess. :wiggle:

R.I.P. Robert
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Good idear.
Yaaaar. :p Thanks man.

Or you could just start your own mod list thread....remember those days after WRP started it!?
Yeah, I remember that. What a mess. :D

Nice idea Keith! My Sig needs major help....:( I need to inlay our ETG logo and use a better pic...ah, someday I'll get it done I guess. :wiggle:
Thanks. If Tye doesn't do it for you, I will (though Tye is much better at it than me :) ) Let me know if you need me to help.

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2004 Pontiac GTO
Owner: Terry Gebhardt

Car Specifications

RWHP 421.75
RWTQ 400.02

5.7 Liter V-8

228/232 .600 lift 111 LSA

DART 205 Heads
Ported and Polished
2.020 Intake Valves
1.600 Exhaust Valves
DART Beehive Spring Package

FAST 90MM Manifold
FAST 90mm TB
Lingenfelter CAI

Cometic Gaskets

Scorpion Roller Rockers

Kooks 1 7/8" coated Red
High Flow Cats & X-Pipe
Flowmaster 40 Series Clones
Custom 3” Catback system

Monster Level II
Braided Line

Aeroforce Digital Gauges
LC-1 Wideband

Wheels and Tires
18” Victory Wheels
Riken 245-40-18 Tires

Custom Tune & Engine Work By:
East Texas Muscle Cars
Stephen Covington


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volkswagon beatle mod - turned the 04 GTO into an 09 G6 GXP

some tint

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2004 LS1


Lingenfelter Performance 4" MAF sensor
Holley 90mm Billet throttle body
Lingenfelter Performance CNC ported LS1 cylinder heads.
Manley 2.02I/1.57X one piece stainless steel race valves.
Competition Cams 921 dual valve springs
Competition Cams Titanium valve spring retainers
JESEL Shaft mount 1.7:1 ratio rocker arms
Manley heat treated one piece pushrods
LS7 roller lifters
Kinetics timing chain
Lingenfelter Performance GT2-3 camshaft
ATI super dampener
Meziere electric water pump
MSD Coil Packs
MSD Ignition Wires
Scooters Performance carbon fiber valve covers
Scooters Performance Billet stainless coil brackets
GZ Performance Products Crankcase evacuation pump
160* Thermostat
Speed Inc. Rigid Belt tensioner
"Home Grown" CAI

Power adders:

Magnuson 112H supercharger for LS2
Magnuson 122 supercharger upgrade (pending/debating)

Harris Speed Works 100hp Plate nitrous system
Window Switch
Bottle Heater
Remote opener
High volume nitrous filter
Hobb switches for fuel/oil
Nitro Dave control panel

Snow Performance Methanol injection system
Safe injection control module
7qt trunk mounted cell
Low fluid level safety switch


Kooks Ultra Sterling coated stainless steel long tube headers 1.875/3.0
Kooks cat'd mids
Borla cat back

Fuel delivery:

Ken Belle Boost a Pump
Lingenfelter Performance 255lph fuel pump
Harris Speed Works Stand alone fuel system


South Coast Speed and Sound Triple A pillar and Dash pod

Analog Oil psi
Analog Fuel psi
Analog Vac/Boost
Analog Nitrous psi
Analog Wide band O2

Electrical stuff:

Optima Yellow Top Deep Cycle battery
Taylor braided cable
Moroso battery cable bulkheads
Taylor ground straps
Taylor 1 gauge braided copper cable
Taylor solder cable ends
Taylor heat shielding
JEGS High Performance Billet aluminum battery tray
MSD LS Series Billet High output Alternator (pending)


Willwood Big Brake kit:
6 piston calipers with 13" rotors on alloy hats
4 piston calipers with 13" one piece rotors
Braided lines and DOT 6 synthetic fluid
Nol-Tec Engine Mounts
Pedders GTO Strip II suspension package (pending)
Widened OEM rear wheels (pending)
Drag radials (pending)


One piece 3" aluminum driveshaft from "The Driveshaft Shop"
BMR Stub to hub (pending)
Harrop differential cover (pending)
Track prepared A4 transmission (pending)
New Stall converter (debating/pending)


Cowl induction hood (pending)
Paint to match (pending)
Rear spoiler delete (pending)
Sunroof (debating/pending)
Minitubs and subsequent suspension modification (pending)


As yet to be determined. . .


4lbs of boost: 479rwhp and 454lbsrwt

Tested on 91 octane fuel.

Up to 34mpg at freeway speeds.
Idle quality near stock
Exhaust has no drone at highway speeds

All installation work performed at home by myself and a hard workin' foo named Robert. Much appreciated bro!

Tuned by Rocky Mountain Competition Research in Colorado Springs, CO.

Special thanks to 605 for the moral support.



Has stiffer springs
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flink's mod list

Volant CAI
Modded to get air through the fender
Further modded to get air from the front grille (ram air intake)
Complete IAT rebuild (defeated the heatsoak!)
Omega thermistor
Hanging in the center of the Volant cone
With aluminum heatsink for faster response​
American Racing 1-7/8" LT headers​
Stolenfox H-pipe​
Flowmaster super 44 mufflers (edit: too loud, went back to stock)​
160 degree thermostat​
Custom dyno tune (368 rwhp) (373 when we took the Volant lid off)​
ATF in the transmission​
Torco w/type-F modifier in the diff

SLP 25% underdrive pulley

Catch can

Dyno tuned by Nick Newton.

Power steering cooler

Brake cooling fans
Russell SS lines

Stoptech ST-40 calipers with 13" two-piece rotors (front)
GMM street shifter​
JHP short shifter shaft​
12.5" steering wheel​
Pedders extreme quick-ratio steering rack​

10lb lump of steel clamped to the H-Pipe to quieten the exhaust (since removed)

Sound deadening installed under rear seats.

H9 bulbs used in low beam.
All bushes. Camber-adjustable eccentrics at the rear. Home-made eccentrics in the front control arms
Noltec urethane motor mounts​
Urethane-filled transmission mount mod​
Front and rear Hotchkis swaybars​
Modded Kollar double-ball endlinks
KW variant 3 suspension​
Lovell's urethane strut mounts
Pedders HD strut mounts
Noltec offset struct mounts :rolleyes:
Chromed CCW SP500 w/ Toyo T1-R proxes
Front: 19x8.5 245/35/19
Rear: 19x10 285/30/19
Wet-sanded all panels except bumpers and rocker panels
Tinted fogs and side markers

Stealth indicator bulbs
Shaved rear badges​
Filled rear bumper insert honeycomb​
Painted rear bumper insert PBM to match car​
Painted front grilles and scoops to match car

Painted washer nozzles!

Repainted the hubs

SpencerW replica SAP grilles

Home-made chin spoiler
Lowered 1-1/2" all round
Polished fender badges
Still to do
Clean up my coolant overflow tank relocate
Aux-in stereo mod
Shave the front emblem
Get it tinted
Spose I should wet-sand the rocker panels
Paint the calipers black (maybe)
Try to spend more time inside it than I do underneath it

Somethings always broken
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2004 QSM M6 GTO

Visual Mods:
RMR Full Carbon Fiber Body kit
Banshee Carbon Fiber Hood
Banshee Carbon Fiber Spoiler
Racing Hart CP-f wheels

Performance Mods:
LS6 motor swap 410rwhp/415tq)
JBA Shorty Headers
MSD Ignition
Exedy Twin Plate Clutch
K&N Intake
Magnaflow custom 1 piece exhaust with X-pipe
Kaaz LSD w/ 3:91's
Hotchkis Swaybars
Willwood Big Brake (6 piston front, 4 piston rear)
Drilled rotors.

Creature Comforts:
Sparco Milano Prestige seats
LSS with Hurst Pistol Grip
JBL GTO Components in the doors
Dynomat on the doors
Sirius Satellite Radio

Built by RMR


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here are mine


Suffering Fools
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The point of this thread was to list all of your mods and stuff in a single post, and then put a link to that post in your sig. This is to avoid having a long list in your sig. Which is exactly what you have. Opposite of what the OP intended.

I crush ribs.
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^lol^ Thats a very good example....:D

Born Again Goat
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  • Sport Appearance Package Front Fascia, Grills & Hood
  • JHP Rear Spoiler (Gen I)
  • 40% Bronze Tint
  • 18" Holden VY wheels powder-coated Titanium Gold
Banshee dash pod with
  • Dynotune digital air/fuel ratio gauge
  • Dynotune digital vac/boost gauge
  • Innovative LC-1 wide-band controller
  • 408ci Iron Block, Pro-Gram Engrg billet main caps
  • Cola 4.00" forged crankshaft
  • Diamond -15cc pistons with Polydyne ceramic heat coating
  • Lunati Pro-billet connecting rods
  • ARP head & main studs
  • AFR 225 Mongoose cylinder heads w/ 8019 valve springs
  • Jesel J2K Mohawk 1.7 shaft-mount rocker arms
  • MTI Y1 234/240 598/608-116*
  • Morel hydraulic lifters
  • Edelbrock Victor Jr and Elbow
  • Holley 90mm throttle body
  • MSD 96 lb injectors with AEM impedance inverter
  • Nasty Performance tall valve covers
  • Custom crankcase ventilation system by Advance Dyno
  • Custom rear mount PTE 76GT-S turbo with 3" hot/cold piping and intercooler
  • Harris Speed Works 90mm plate nitrous system with Nitro Dave control panel
  • Nasty Performance Fuel Cell
  • Magnafuel Protuner 750 EFI fuel pump
  • Magnafuel 9950-B boost referenced regulator
  • Magnafuel pre/post filters
  • Earl's Pro-Lite 350 fuel lines & fittings; -10an feed/-8an return
  • NolTec Engine Mounts
  • BMR Sub-Frame Connectors & Drive Shaft Loop
  • Harrop Cradle Bushings
  • Hotchkis Anti-Sway Bars
  • Pedders Track II Kit with 3/8" Drop Front, 1/2" Drop Rear
  • BMR Drag Bags
  • SLP Line-Lock
  • Diff Technics 9" differential with 3.50 gears, Eaton Detroit Locker & 1350 yoke
  • BMR 300m inner axle stubs & custom 300m outer axle stubs
  • BMR HD CV shafts
  • BMR 3.5" aluminum drive shaft
  • McLeod steel bellhousing
  • Textralia OZ700 clutch with billet flywheel
  • GMM Ripshift (street)
  • Braided stainless master-slave clutch & remote bleeder lines
  • Hal QA1 12-way adjustable rear shocks (Drag race specific)
  • Optima Yellow Top deep cycle battery mounted in trunk on billet aluminum tray
  • Baer 13" front brake kit (Gen II) w/ Hawk HPS pads, Powerslot rear rotors w/ EBC Greenstuff pads, Stoptech braided stainless lines
  • Sponsorship by Grannygoat, my wife
  • Suspension by Mike White, DMS
  • Engine by Rob's Auto Machine-Hayward CA
  • Custom rearmount GT76 turbo by Robert Mitchell
  • Tuning by Rick Hollenback at Synergy Motorsports-Fremont, CA

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Go Mods:

Vararam CAI
Ported LS2 Throttle Body
Ported LS2 Intake
Kooks Signature Series Ceramic Coated Headers
Kooks Off-Road Mids
Spintech Catback
Texas Speed Torquer V2 on 112 LSA
Monster Stage 3 Clutch - W/ SS Clutch Line & SS Remote Bleeder
Speed Density Street / Dyno Tune Done By Patrick Guerra
DMH Low-Profile Electric Cut-outs
Billet Prototypes Catch Can
GMM Ripshift
BMR Drag Bags
Raptor Shift Light
Holden Skid Plate
GForce Anti Wheel Hop Kit
Nitto 555R Drag Radials

Fastest Time So Far: 12.61 @ 112.00 (on slipping stock clutch before cam install)
Stay Tuned For Better Times

436WHP / 411WTQ

Video's Coming Soon!!

Anti-Go Mods:

DBA 4000 Series Slotted and Drilled XS Rotors
Hawk Performance Ceramic Pads
Russell Stainless Steel Brake Lines

Show Mods:

VX Tails - Professionally Tinted
Grafxwerks Black Arrowhead Overlays Front And Rear
18% Tint On Front Windows / Limo on Rear


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I got some car mats, a trunk mat, a cell phone charger, and I disconnected my 3rd brake light. They're right about saying once you mod one thing you can't stop. lol
LMAO I got the phone charger too. Also got the reflective mirrors, transparent windows and some illuminated headlights FTW

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2008 Suzuki GSXR 1000

Akropovich Carbon/titanium exhaust
Braided lines up front
Bazaaz Fuel injection, traction control (pending)


YES, there is some photochoppin going on in a couple of these. I axed the mirrors, the temp tag, and fussed with the background a bit on #3. Photographer from the Jason Pridmore riding school took the photos.


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2006 PBM M6 GTO(Stock 18s)
458WHP 419RWTQ~~Cam only~~Tuned by Chuck

Exterior Modifications:
20%/30% Tint,Grafxwerks Black Vinyl Inlays on Front and Rear Pontiac Emblems and GTO inlays, HID 8K headlights

Interior Modifications:

FAST 90 Intake Manifold
HPE Ported TB
HPE C-Cam (232/234, 112 LSA, .595/.598)
Trick Flow 7.40 Push Rods
ASP Underdrive Pulley
Comp 918 Valve Springs
NGK TR6 Plugs
Coated SW Catless LT's (Titanium Grey in color)
Magnaflow Catback
Elite Engineering Black Catch Can

Pedders Castor Adjustable Radius Rod Front Bushings
Pedders 1" Drop Front Springs
Pedders 1/2" Drop Rear Spring
Pedders Rear Big Bore Shocks
Pedders Rear Diff Mount Bushing
Pedders Rear Crossmember Bushings
SLP Lightweight Skid Plate

GMM Rippshift (Race Version)
Royal Purple Synchromax in Tranny
Royal Purple 85w-140 in rear diff
SLP CAGS Eliminator

Tuned by Chuck (Norris :))@HPE

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