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I emailed them the other day.

Any word yet on the progress for the GTO's?

Their response

Yes, as a matter of fact we have a gto scheduled to be here this mid week for the first top side to be fitted so that we can build the bottom side for the mold plug. We will not be showing any pictures of this hood until they are available for sale.
At that time the pictures will be released and we will be asking for vin numbers as well as a signed statement from each customer stating that they will only be using it for personal use and not for resale or replication of any kind.

Depending on sales of our other parts, we hope to have time to dial in the bottom side so that we can start taking orders late March to April.

Do you have a car? if so what color do you have? Just curious. I drove one the other day and I was pretty impressed with the performance. Definitely think it will look much hotter with our hood on it though. :)

Hope this information helps, I will look forward to talking with you more in the near future.

I cant wait to see some hoods.

:bubbrub :thumbs:
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