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Two weeks ago I went to the track and embaressed myself, my GTO, and this board by posting a terrible ET :slap: .....

I think I have redeamed myself alittle today. With a half a tank of gas, stock tires at 26 psi, spare tire and jack still in the trunk, no powershifting, and going up against a new yellow C6 Z06 I shall post a new best.

60' ... 1.920
330' ... 5.589
1/8 ... 8.593
MPH ... 83.11
1000 ... 11.173
1/4 ... 13.351
MPH ... 103.67

Practice does make you better. It made me better by almost 2 seconds in just 4 runs down the track. I felt like the car may have a tenth or two in the state of which it is in. But I didn't want to abuse her anymore today because of what I saw happen to the new Z06. It BROKE!!!!:eek: He did not have slicks or anything like that, he had stock rubber. Someone did say that he may have snapped a halfshaft or popped off the diff cover or something like that. I did feel sorry for him because the announcer gave him some shit for breaking a $65,000 car. I felt good about myself for a spit second because I thought I was actually beating a Z06, but when I looked in the rear view and noticed that he was not moving, that deflated that idea. I will say this, that LS7 does squeeze itself nicely in that vette. I bet it would be nicer in my goat though.:D

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NICE!!!!!!! Yeah you did do much better, I was the same way when I first went, but practicing helped so much.

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