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I ordered my Phantom black GTO with red interior on 06/04/03.
I think I might have ordered from the wrong Pontiac dealer. I had to put up a $5000.00 deposit and I have received no feedback from my sells person. Has anyone experienced this? My dealer
was Vatland Pontiac in Vero Beach, Florida.
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o*&^%$ i put down 500 and they told me that 3000 would be tacked on msrp later but we will see about that now that alot of these cars will be on lots next year i think thats if they build 18000 iheard that # was down to just over 16000?? also dealer in fl daytona//
Wow, $5K, I had one crazy dealer tell me that. I put down $500 fully refundable dollars at MSRP. As long as you are paying MSRP, I won't worry about it (interest rates suck anyways). However, most dealers were only requiring a $500-$2000 deposit. If you are paying over MSRP, I'd cancel it. There are plenty of dealers selling the GTO at MSRP including Sewell (a sponsor of this site).
$5,000 is outrageous. I agree with Davbo, pull your money and get with somebody who wants your business. I had to go to every local dealer here (VA) before I found one and only one that would sell me mine @ GMS. Most dealer allocations when I ordered were in the single digits (3-7). The rudest was Hall Pontiac, a national dealer. The sales manager was an ass and refused to talk price. He said "We will have to charge over MSRP and we will decide how much over when the car arrives." Needless to say "we" took our business elsewhere.
I guess I was lucky. I called ahead to find out about the advanced order. When I got to the Dealer the sells person took me right in and went through everything step by step. I only had to put $500 down and he told me I only had to pay whatever the MSRP would be. I always hated buying cars but this time it was nice. I didnt feel as though the sells person was trying to rip me off.
I had a deposit down in the city I just transferred from and was going to still give them the business untill they said the car would be an extra $1000 over msrp for the shear joy of buying from them. The dealer in my new town wanted $500 down and guarantees msrp, so i switched. They said the deposit is non-refundable but will go towards the purchase, so I'm not to worried about that. I just hope like everyone else that the story stays the same.
Do not pay a cent over MSRP. With the dismal sales of the GTO, you should be able to get a very good discount on an '05 if you wait until the dealer has a few collecting dust on his lot...I'm thinking around December. I was recently browsing the local Pontiac dealer and the sales droid was ready to unload an '04 for $26k out the door, and that's in the Chicago market too (yes, I know that's less then invoice).
Hey Scott - these posts are a year old. Just an FYI :)
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