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Good post! The pictures with the ship show clearly that it is the Chi Jin.

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The one that they are leaning on is obviously the Impulse Blue. Man I love that color!
I kinda like the Black one in the bottom 3 pics. ;)

Interesting that they ship them without the spoilers attached. They definitely look better with the spoiler don't they.:thumbs:
Wow, I guess opinions really are like assholes.....everybodies got one (and they all stink) because I like the GTO without the spoiler much better.:)
I agree with you davbo, too bad about the holes though - I don't want to do body work on a new car.
I've agonized over this one myself. Right now I am leaning on keeping the wing but it is good to know that removal may not be too bad. BTW Davbo you forgot to say "and they all stink"
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Thanks Tails..........I knew I muffed that analogy.
Now personally I think the car needs a rear wing - a nice big GT racing style rear wing...

But mine will keep the stock one for a while.
Yeah, I wish the wing was a "delete" option too. I hate all that bogus stuff and especially when it mars the nice lines of the car. It looks so nice in Monaro form. Tell ya the truth, they could have left the original front end on as well. At least we got em before the "scoop" and whatever else they are going to stick on it.
I agree. Have a Holden catalog from last year. The yellow, sans wing, was one of the things turned me on about it. Really looked great.
I do have to admit that I think the so called wing is about as dumb a thing as there could be on a car. I have a degree in Aeronautical Engineering and remember in school when those damn things first started showing up. They were functionally useless and we just howled at how stupid people were. The years have mellowed me and I just respect that everyone has different taste. Now if they had JATO......that would be cool.

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Wow I'm in the minority on the spoiler issue I guess!!:eek: Having said that, there's a difference between clean lines and looking ordinary. Without the spoiler the car's a yawner, at least until you drive it anyway. It's not like they stuck a fast and furious fat and flatulent dragster wing on the thing, the design is still slick. Bash away!! it's just my opinion, no big deal.
Britus, I don't hate it by any means. I just like it better without it.:) But seeing as it comes with it and I don't feel like patching holes, I will happily be motoring with it.:D
I hear you Davbo. Hey at least there's not a big chicken on the hood. Not that it doesn't look cool on 70's Trans Ams, 70's Trans Am lovers!! I'm in spin control mode big time now.
I don't dislike spoilers. I would have just preferred one that does not have a gap between the body and the spoiler. The GTO spoiler is similar to the Mustang spoiler in that it has a gap and overlaps the quarter panel. That creates a tight space that is tough to wash and wax!
I wonder how stable the car is at 150mph with the wing and without it. Does it make a difference at all? If it is useless I would remove it for that cleaner look. If it gives the car stabibility at high speeds then I want to keep it on.
I am fairly certain that the spoiler is for looks only. How often do you drive 150mph?:eek:
I normally will never drive even close to that fast. But I may decide
to open it up once or twice on my way to Las Vegas. :D
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