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need to find where car is

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I just got a vin # from North Shore Buick Pontiac GMC, but i would like to know where the car is located. I was told that it will be here any day.

THe Vin # is 6G2V12G04L194705

I need to know where the car is asap, or i will be getting another car.
It is a Phantom Black with Red interior
6 spd.
Selling price $33,190

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This thread tells how to call the rail company. They are very helpful in finding cars with a VIN.
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Did they say if it was on train? You can call Potiac or the rail yard and they will tell you! What was the TPW of the car?
The salesman at the dealer had no clue what a TPW was. All i was told by the dealer was that the car is expected any day now. Im wondering if i should put the money down on this car, i dont want to wait weeks for this to come in.
I think we can all agree that is a much better reference to get any questions answered, instead of the dealer or 800-2PONTIAC.
red devil your car is on it's way to Kansas City Ks. It left Monday and will get to Ks. Probably this weekend and be unloaded about Tuesday of next week.
Where is it going to (City -- State)
Thanks for that information. You are a big help to this site and i would like to thank you for it.
It is going to Malden, MA.
So you saw the post about the location
yes i saw it after i posted. my car is in california you said correct? is there anyway you can send it here any quicker?
Red Devil really it is in Wyoming on it's way here
okay. how long do you think till i recieve it?
If I had to guess I would say about 2 weeks and that is just a guess. When mine comes in I will have it the next day my dealer is only 12 mi from our lot.
okay so i haev about another 3 weeks till the car comes in. What to do to pass the time?????
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