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Guys we now have available these replacement upgrade billet axle stubs which will work with either the OE CV axles or our upgraded CV axles & BMR etc.

The splined section is made from only the best tried and trued 300M material with rolled splines to ensure the strongest spline possible!

A very useful feature of these stub axles is that the splined section is able to be removed from the flange and/or replaced by simply un screwing the threaded plug at the end of the flange and removing a retaining clip on the spline, furthermore the ABS ring is replacable too should it get damaged! In short they are a fully servicable unit!

These stubs carry a 1 year warranty to original purchaser :)

List price is $399.00 USD each (obviously you'll need a pair) Of course these can be purchased as a package with our CV axles too!

Stock is good to go and we're ready to take orders and ship! :)

Any questions fire away!


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