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Last night at Dragway 42 in West Salem, Ohio I set new personal bests for ET and MPH on a run of 12.396 @ 112.45. My 60 on this run was a second best 1.849. I also set a best 60 of 1.824 last night.

It's frustrating though because the car has allot more but I can't get the power to the street without spinning on my launch. I'm sure if I can knock another tenth or 2 off my 60 and get the ET closer to the 11's...the question is how to do it. I'm getting some wheel hop when I increase my revs a little on launch so drags bags could help. The bigger issue is when I really increase my revs to try to take full advantage of my torque converter I end up spinning. That may have something to do with my DRs, they're only stock size Nittos and I may at some point need to go with wider ones. It really sucks when you know you have more power but can't use it.
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