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New here!!!!

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I dont have a gto, but do have an LS1!! love it, and if gto and ls1 go together like ls1 and f-body, then the gto should turn out to be a sweet ride!!!!
My buddy sent me over to check out the site. Ill be here more.
I do see one sponser that does alot with me Speed inc, But I know the other guys will be here soon to.
well just wanted to say hi. :cool:
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Welcome, where are you located? And when is everyone showing up here?
any pics of your ride? A twin turbo z28? I like the sound of that! :judge:
Hey Noyee welcome over to us crazy GTO guys. Good to have ya here. Always welcome a new member.
You get around! :)
You are welcome to join us. Just no GTO bashing. Hope to see you on here often.
This could get interesting... Welcome...

East Side Performance, eh?

CT guy? Welcome, we have fun in CT!
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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