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I have been on this forum for a while, but I just now got my permissions to post.

I live in Central FL, and have an impulse blue 04 GTO.

Current Mods:
Engine -
2006 LQ9 from chevy express
LJMS TT stage 1 cam
upgraded valvetrain
cleaned up 317s w/ upgraded valvesprings
melling oil pump
96lb bosch injectors

UPP 58mm twin kit w/ modified cold side

Every pedders suspension upgrade (coilovers, bushings, sway bars, etc)

Appearance -
JCR chassisworks fiberglass hood attached with dzus fasteners (12lbs)

Electrical -
Rear battery kit that I made
70AH LiFePo4 battery that I made

Currently working on:
4l80 swap (transbuilder guy built 4l80 w/ custom 10" FTI converter)
HE 8.8 rear end swap w/ 4" DSS alum DS

Things waiting to be installed:
UPP fuel system
Alky control methanol system
weld 15x10 prostars w/ 7.5" bs wheels

Future Plans:
Forged 408 kit for the lq9 (not sure which one)
Maybe a roll cage if I decide to race

Thanks for reading! All install work has been done by me, so if you have any questions, feel free to ask.


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Used all the same tubing and just cut it to run it between intercooler and condenser. The UPP routing is terrible, and i actually snapped a band clamp on my PS pump because it rubbed... hard to work on too. This is much better, but had to chop the radiator support where the stock hood clips in. I flipped the intercooler, and re-used the bracket for it. Just cut it in half and welded a little flat bar between the pieces to extend it out.


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Nicely done...and all of that fits behind the front bumper?

Did you have to do anything to help support the front bumper somehow?
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