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I'm new to the gto world and am having a issue with my 2005 . I put a new battery in it and it still seems like the starter is sluggish and the next day the battery was dead as a door nail. Has anyone had the same issue? And what should I look for ?

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sounds like you got a draw somewhere.

new batteries also do not come 100% charged. if you had a drain and you just threw the battery in and let it sit, it would go dead rather quickly.

04's had issues with the door sill switches corroding, which would make the BCM think the door was open all the time. 05/06's have a better switch, but something to look at to get you started.

BCM might not be fully going to "sleep" after the car shuts off, either.

makr sure everything is closed up and lock the doors with the fob if the car is off.

other than that, the testing method of going through every circuit at the fuse boxes and doing an amp reading with the car off is your next step.
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I'm not an electrical don't look for answers from me.

Welcome to the herd. Is that a Midnight Blue car?
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