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Great pictures Jon. Thanks!
Nice job! The more I see, the more I like!
Good Going. I have downloaded to my desktop so I can drool over them at my leisure while I..... drink
I want mine in my garage NOW!!!! wall
I'm working on some desktop background of the GTO with these pics, as I’m the original Photographer of them I have them in high resolution. i'll post them for you guys up here in a few days.
Do we need to add, Please Hurry??!!??

Tails said:
Do we need to add, Please Hurry??!!??


huh? :confused:
Sorry poor attempt at humor. We are all waiting for anything to grab onto.
Thanks for the Awesome pics! Can't wait for mine.:D
I gave DevilYellow, my smiley I created from my old site, it was meant more for the F bodys but it still kind of fits


The pics are cool. That smiley face is cool too.
Barbados Blue

I was looking on the newage site and saw a link to a site that had about 1,000 Holden photos on it. On page 30 and 31 there are photos of a Holden Calais painted Barbados Blue for those (like me) interested in just what the hell that color looks likeon our new GTOs. To me its almost a metallic gunmetal blue color and should look great. Anyway here is the site:*query?holden...urce=all&Page=1
Hope I copied it down right. I might add once you get a good look at their product line down there and compare it to our beautiful Aztecs, any of the new (Kenmore) Cadillacs, "Monte Carlos" and "Impalas", you may just shake your head like I did. Why cant Detroit make attractive cars anymore? Holden has some really nice looking sedans and Cowboy Cadillacs that really look smooth and I think are across the board better looking than the GM products we have here. I know we can build them just as good (if not better) but on looks alone, those cars make our look pretty ugly. Anyway, just an opinion.
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last time!*[email protected]&Source=all&Page=1

My need for bifocals is apparent.
Thanks for the site. The Cosmos Purple looks great also!!!

:drink: :drink: :drink: :drink:
I've been looking for a black on black photo, that's what I ordered. Just wish we could have seen it with the hood closed. Nice to see the stitching on the shifter is red, wish the "GTO" lettering on the seats was.:drink:
Just a guess but notice the hood scoops on the HSC 427 pics? Maybe thats what will be on the GTO. I like the unscooped version anyway and wish I could delete the rear wing as well. I dont like all that add-on crap. I'd gladly sign up for an upgrade to the 427 though!
1 - 20 of 26 Posts
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