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New pic

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Anybody like to see a pic with the prototype hood?
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looks like the old grand am hood/
I don't know if I like that yet. I need to see a side view.
I am trying to get a few different angles...its way to hard to tell from this view.
You know... I thought I would want the scoops but now I don't think so. I have gotten used to seeing the car the way it is.....I guess it will come down to performance....

:drink: :drink: :drink: :drink:
I don't like it. That's not my cup of tea. It's like they are trying to make the GTO into a Transam
Same here, I don't like it.
That hood doesn't look right on the GTO. Some GTP style aftermarket hoods might look more appropriate.
Add another one for the "Don't Like It" team

Personally, I like the "jelly bean", streamline look of the car. It's got curvature and it obviously helps gas mileage out a lot. The only way I'd consider getting the hood scoop is if it added at least 15 ponies from RAM air or whatever.
I'll pass.
Nice Grand Am SC/T hood! I'll pass, the Goat needs it's own unique hood.
Needs to be a little more subtle, otherwise you might as well break out the plastic cladding again and start slapping it all over the body, and call the engine a Quad-8. Oh boy, too terrible to imagine.
Once again, people are trying to plant WS6 hoods onto GTO lines and it just looks like a horse's a$$.
i was talking to one of my buddies yesterday .... he lives in MI ...he is a mod over at - anywho he's seen a camo'd out ram air GTO at a few GM locations

this look familar ;)?

from a better angle on with the real car the hood acctually looks nice
isnt that the same veiw?
1 - 20 of 27 Posts
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