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News from my dealer - NOT

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Well Mr. Hopson this was supposed to be the week that was. I just got back from my dealership and once again, they told me what I already knew - the computer shows that your car should be sitting in our lot - but it's not.

They called the Service Center and were told that everything is screwed-up and that my car might still be on a ship somewhere, maybe at the port, or maybe on a train. In other words, they don't have a clue.

In fact they said that by the time "the paperwork" comes through about where my car is at - it will probably already be at the dealership!

I can buy a $10 pair of socks from Iceland and know PRECISELY where those socks are at in the delivery chain via computer any hour of the day but apparently the largest automobile manufacturer in the world doesn't know where a $35K car is until it "gets there."

I told them about our guy in KC (HD926) looking out for the GTO's arrival at the distrubution center - and you know what they said? "He'll know before us and if you can try and have him tell the forman to put your car out first." Unbelievable!

This is gettng very OLD...

Question: Why should they get any sales fee for handing my keys to me?
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KBABA iam right there with you if you line up the tpws in order by the dates mghut and danny760 dates are after mine and then you // maybe you will see yours before me iam in daytona you are right this sucks they must know where they are there just playing us???
Same here!!!! Just left my dealer today. They know nothing. They did tell me they would call when it comes in. What a laugh.
The last picture that "Larry" took of our cars at the railhead in Benicia was 12/5 right? My Dad was a locomotive engineer on the UP for almost 40 years and I know that it doesn't take two weeks for autos to get to KC. Hopson, come clean what the
f#*k is going on here?
yea i looked also 12/5 thats 11 days ago what the hells going on some one some where should have gotten one by now other than danny and maghut this is BS

KBABA I am off tommrow also but I only live 9mi from our plant if I can I will check then instead of waiting till Thursday PM.

That's funny stuff. Seems like now that the GTO's are crawling in ever so slowly, we're all blowing off some pent-up steam.

I lashed out yesterday, but now I'm ok and seriously considering an 05 GTO or maybe something else. I figure I'll have more money then and the styling of the GTO will be a little better.
I usually stay quiet on these threads but this IS getting a little old regarding the lack of reliable information. I think that anyone that agreed to make a $33,000 plus investment in a vehicle, sight unseen, deserves a little better.

If there are delays, we should know why and how long. The fact that our GTO's build dates cannot be confirmed by order number is nothing short of unacceptable. The fact that we can't confirm cars on ships, trains, trucks, etc. is unacceptable.

I will happily be the guinea pig for the first imported GTO, but I want earnest communication in return. This grey market source of information through a loose knit group of webmasters, dealers, "insiders", etc. is below my expectation of Pontiac and GM as a whole.

Take it from someone in a business where customer service is king. The phrase "bear with us" lasts about as long as it takes to drive to my competitor. And you can't "appreciate my patience" if I don't give it.

Upset = Happy Meal missing the fries
Pissed = Pizza delivered with wrong toppings
Enraged = Whatta' ya' mean you can't find my GTO? :slap:
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As always, well said Chris.
As far as the trains go, my dealer was able to find out this past Monday that my car left on a train from CA., to Kansas on the 12th of December.

My dealer has been pretty good, when he manages to get information.
I agree, you make a good point. We have also noticed how quiet you are and where going to say something.

:drink: :drink:
Tails did you switch to black?? What happened to purple????
Or have you been binging again:D
Britus, you get the prize. I found that a phantom black trumped a cosmos purple by about 4 months.

:drink: :drink:
All I can say if I was Jim Hopson and read the shit the is posted on hear bashing him I would never answer another e-mail regarding the GTO if it wasn't from some internal at GM or a magazine. Give this guy a break! He is going out of his way to give us information and a few posts on here are going to end it.
britus56 said:
Tails did you switch to black?? What happened to purple????
Or have you been binging again:D
Tails, what's up with the color switch?:confused:
It certainly was not my intention to 'bash' Mr. Hopson, I appreciate the info that he didn't have to give us. HOWEVER, we are making a valid point here. Why are people getting their cars in this order (or disorder) and the people not getting them have no clue? I for one (others may be beyond pissed) was just hoping Mr. Hopson might be able to come to the table once more. Nothing wrong with throwing it out there! He's probably extremely busy. Man, I don't want to be fanatical web boy, I just want to know when my freakin car's coming!!
Well I would say you will have your car by St. Pattys day. You have a TPW of 12/17 and then add the 90 days for shipping. That's why I haven't said a word on wondering where my car is at. I had TPW of 10/22 so I should have it by Jan 22.
I would hardly call it bashing. After all, the handle under his name is "Pontiac-GMC Communication." Communicating with us is part of his job description. Yes, I am losing my temper...

I don't know if you remember chotton but several months ago both Car and Driver and Road and Track ran a thread on their respective web sites: "Ask a Pontiac Expert." The upshot of this thread was to answer questions about the upcoming GTO. Part of the spiel was to tell us that we would be the best informed buyers EVER.

So forgive me if I have offended your delicate sensibilities, but it's time to shit or get off the stool...
Communicating with us is NOT part of his job, Communicating with the press is. Pontiac Marketing is the one who wrote the check on the GTO buyers being the most informed ever and they have fallen their faces. Calling dealer, calling Pontiac customer service, e-mailing Jim is going to get these cars here any faster.

If you dont want to wait any longer dont buy the car. Your dealer will just make a call to the next person on the list and offer it to them.

This is a whole new shipping process and it will take time for the bugs to be worked out.
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