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Accepting paypal donations via paypal at [email protected]

I will post updates with screen shots. After a week or two we will dispurse them.

100% of the donations are going these people:

Selena Muhoberac, Kenner LA
Leann Frank, Slidell LA
ShAkZ05GTO's Family, All over New Orleans
James Parker, Mobile AL

If you were affected by Katrina send an email to [email protected] to be added to our list.

List of members that have donated to this relief fund, in the name of

John Johnson
Christopher McNevin
Robert Reese
Eric Wallace
Jonathan Schwenn
Jason Rice
Scott Kiszewski
Scott Tinker
Daniel Dawson
Paul Kozelsky
Moner Hammoud
Robert Lichucki
Peter DeCoste
Galen Copes
Lee Bowers
Frank Bayliss
Thomas Tiberio
Rick Gority
Shane Gibson
David Louque
Adam Pugacz
Edward Maule
Glen Dinolfo
ROK Kellogg
Douglas Wojtczak
Enrique Ramirez
Craig Morine
Matthew Artelt
Jason Anderson
Lisa Wilson
Thomas Wingert
Joe Towsley
Dynatec, INC
Brandon Drew
James Sutton
James Itsines
Jeff Cummins
Jared Guiher
Jimmy Testerman
Greg Rochefort
James Yoakem
Allan Leidholm
Bradley Marx
Kent Wilson
Christopher Palmer
Carlos Rios
Michael Kleiner
Christina Carson
Michael Gulley
Jeff Hartzog
Kent Tuttle
Paul Pope lll
Bill Walters
Jack Murbach
Karon Knoth
David Granger
David Buzzard
Brian Taylor
Barry Dieser
Joshua Goldfarb
Long Nguyen
Jeff Stillert
Andrea Antoine
William Delich

9,705 Posts
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:) Its really great to have a community like this

Little after an hour we have almost $1100

The list grows every moment I look at the inbox - even if you have $10 to spare it will really help.

In 24 hours we got $3,203.23

The screen shot below does not show the $225 in uncleared e-checks yet :) The last e-check won't clear until 8-7


Balance before lock - $3,718.60

We will be back up and running asap

NEWS 9/9/2005

During this past week I have opened bank accounts, faxed paypal multiple times with different information, and spent a few hours on the phone since this whole ordeal began. I have done everything they asked and in the next few days I hope to have my personal account and the relief account opened. The e-checks sent to the relief account I believe were denied because the account was locked down. I plan on announcing when people can send money in again and get a few days of donations again before I send the money out.


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