Here's my next round of parts. Shipping not included, please PM for a quote. I also may need a few days to box things up and shift due to my work schedule.

cup holder insert (used) (SOLD)$ 25.00
clutch/brake pedal covers (used)$ 15.00
hvac knobs (used)$ 10.00
glove box clip (used)$ 3.00
exhaust hangers 92201402 qty 3 (NOS)15 each
exhaust hanger clips 92138858 qty 4 (NOS) (SOLD)4.50 each
hurst shift handles/knobs (used)45 each
rip shifter adapter for hurst handle (used)$ 25.00
fuel door acuator and cable (used --acuator dead)$ 20.00
slave cylinder braided hose (NIB)$ 130.00
left front door plastic handle 92085572 (NOS)$ 60.00
rear engine cover (NIB)$ 60.00
rear main seal (NIB)$ 15.00
gorilla lugs and lock (20) (used)$ 35.00
92138141 grille retainers qty 8 (NOS)8.00 each
front bumper brackets (NOS) SOLD75 each
lower grille 92120214 (NOS)$ 195.00
left rear catera handle (used) SOLD$ 35.00
upper console lid (used) SOLD$ 45.00
used differential cover SOLD$ 90.00
wm diff mount bolts (4) (NIB)$ 8.00
wm mount to diff bolts (2) (NIB)$ 12.00
front arrowhead repro brand new$ 40.00
rear arrowhead repro brand new$ 40.00
power steering hose seals 13579649 (qty 2) (NIB)9.50 each
rocker molding clips 92059946 (qty 6) (NOS)$ 60.00
trunk carpet clips (NOS)$ 20.00
headlight armor set (headlights/fogs) (NIB)$ 50.00
zl1 shifter set (NIB)$ 80.00
redline alcantara shift boot (NIB)$ 45.00
new oem fogs (pair) (NOS)$ 400.00
cluster bezel (used)$ 85.00
right headlight (NOS)$ 850.00
center console trim (used) SOLD$ 75.00
upper console (used) (SOLD)$ 95.00
steering wheel alcantara (recovered by redline goods)$ 325.00