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Not really a kill, but.....

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Had a lot of fun with a G35 coupe on I-40 heading back to Nashvegas yesterday afternoon. We made the 200 miles in a little over two hours. Pretty good when you consider it is a two lane highway with myriad truckers and assorted yahoos who consider it their right to drive cross-country in the left lane......

Oh, had some fun with a couple of 750's on the way into Mempho. I was MMOB when they came up about 20 miles outside town. Traffic cleared and they went WOT. I'd anticipated the same and had dropped to 4th. Man our cars are strong from 80 - 130. Neither bike could hang, and yes, they were going for it, and no they weren't cruisers - one Ninja, on GSX-R750. Thumbs up and large grins all round. Well, I assume they were grinning - hard to tell under the helmet!
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LOL, great post. Nice kill on the bikes. It's fun hauling ass on the interstate even more fun when you've got company. Stay safe:)
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