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OEM SAP grill install

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Recently picked up a set of SAP grills to replace the CF sap repos I got from GTOG8TA last year (just not happy with the CF look of them).

Did the original SAP grills have some sort retaining clips? My stock grills didn't have any retainer clips when I removed the. I searched and read through several SAP grill threads but most didn't have pictures anymore and I only saw couple mentions of retainer clips.
The 2nd picture is some gto "grill" retainer clips. Are these what I need to hold grills into the bumper.

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The picture of that grille clip looks familiar. Yea the SAP uppers used the same clips as the lower gto grille insert.
The pic of the sap piece? I got the grills from a guy on Facebook, maybe you saw the picture there. They need to be repainted but the price wasn't too bad.
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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