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Oil pan drop

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Who's dropped there oil pan with the motor in the car?
Need to change the windage tray and put a baffle in the pan.
Assume i need to drop the k member a few inches and/or lift the motor up.
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I’m very picky when it comes to leaks. I pulled the motor to do the pan gasket just because it left a drop the size of a dime on the ground after sitting. Very difficult to get everything to seal perfectly when done in the car. It can be done as you describe though.
I use harbor freight hoist and stand. I got them back when their coupons worked on the big items. Cheap and they work. I have to back the car into the garage and leave the door open to use the hoist or there is no room. I've never been afraid to do extra work to get things done right. Much better than when I was a kid changing the transmissions on the side of the street in front of my house. Didn't have a trans jack either just drop it down on your chest.

I've had much better luck mounting the pan and getting it lined up correctly on an engine stand. Back of pan must be flush with rear of motor and it works well no leaks not a single drop ever.
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I got a set of race ramp 12in wheel cribs. Makes life alot easier then those 12ton jack stands in the way under the car.
I’m poor I don’t want to spend the money on race ramps lol.
Are you the Incredible Hulk? These transmissions are heavy as smurf. Now, the Muncie 4-speed in the Chevelle I can do, but even that pushes my limits anymore.
Huh? 4l60e is only 150 lbs.
Isnt a big deal until your curling a magnum from a moving dolly onto the trans jack while laying on your stomach.
I don’t have a trans jack.
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