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Order Tracker Rules #2

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Do not keep submitting your order ... I get them, and usually am to busy to put them in that second. If you do not see yours up after a couple days make sure you activated your account when you registered... if you are not activated/cant post ... the orders will not show up.

If you do not see any updates, DO NOT keep submitting them, if there is nothing there --- there will not be until the next monday.

The reason I wait sometimes is because it does not matter .... we only go thru them monday mornings. We now have over 100 orders to go thru and I know everyone appreiciates it I just want to let the new members on the board know its all done by hand by 2 devoted people.

That is all ....... There's nothing to see here :mullet:
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hey yeah all you people out there. Can't you read??!!?? Do you have to keep hitting the submit button a million times just like I did??!! I.. uh..mean....geez.... DY knows I'm sorry cause I already apologized.

:drink: :drink:

I am hoping if I click submit 3 times my GTO will suddenly appear from the land of OZ.

I appreciate what you are doing for us!

Thanks again!

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