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Paint protection

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From previous posts, I don't think many of us are planning on putting a bra on our new GTOs (including me), but if you are looking for another way to keep the front of your car looking new, check out the ScotchGard paint protection film (sometimes referred to as ClearBra) offered by 3M. I've seen a few cars around here with it installed and it's great. The only time you even notice it's there is if the car's really dirty (you can see the edge of the film then), but I doubt that many of us plan on leaving our cars dirty for long anyway. If you're interested in getting this kind of protection, the most important things is to find a qualified installer with lots of experience in doing it, and to have it done before you get the first rock chip. The only one who does it in Omaha is the Lexus dealer - they install them on all the Lexus vehicles they sell, but will also install on other cars. I wouldn't recommend trying to install it yourself, since there are a lot of very specific techniques and tools needed to get a good job (plus the installer will guarantee the results). The installation is a little pricey (although well worth the money for a $30,000+ investment) and the cost varies depending on what you want protected - they can install the stuff just on the hood leading edges, over the entire front end and bumper, mirrors, wherever you want to prevent stone chipping/abrasions. The film is very tough, does not yellow over time, and can be washed/waxed right along with the rest of the finish. If you're interested, go to the 3M website (address below) and take a look. :D
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