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Pics w/out spoiler

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I took it off today. Really like the looks. Went to body shop to see about filling the 5 hoes and painting. $200 if dont have to blend in the fenders. Any opinions?
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Pics are awfully small, but I like it...looks just like a Monaro, which I already knew I liked. Can you take some pics of the actual holes, inside and out?
Pics of holes

Actually, I've already put it back on, but will try to take some when I take it to the body shop. Anyone know how to make pics larger?
That is 1000% better. I love the no spoiler look. $200 seems real reasonable. My GTO is the same color so now I have an exact picture!
Scottknight, 4 of the holes can be visualized by lookin at the bottom side of the trunklid. The 5th hole is on the right side of the lid, towards the center of the car from the other holes. It is probably 3/4". The 3rd brake light goes thru this hole. 5 minutes with a 10mm socket will let you see the holes. The connector for the wir is on the right side, vertical portion of the lid. Just pry the liner away a little and you can see it.
lively said:
I took it off today. Really like the looks. Went to body shop to see about filling the 5 hoes and painting. $200 if dont have to blend in the fenders. Any opinions?
Okay it has to be said. Isn't filling 5 hoes more then $200. At a minimum of $100 a crack that would be $500 easy. So what do these hoes look like?

:drink: :drink:
For $200 sounds like they will just fill w/ bondo. They should be filled by MIG welding and properly dressed inside and out. Being in the business, I would not do it for less than $500.The materials alone would eat up most of that $200.
Got to stick with the spoiler myself. But then again, pics have never really done justice to the car no matter what you do! You just have to see one.
GTOME, thanks for the tip. I'll be sure and ask. I've used this shop b4 and had good results. Cost of living may have something to do with it.
I think it looks better without the spoiler, that being said I would suggest you not remove it. I worked for GM for 33 years before retiring and 26 of those years were in the paint repair shop, the quality and durabillty just won't be there if you have it filled and painted....especially when someone will do it for $200. It's your nice new GTO but I would pass.


Where I'm from in NY we get on average of $40 per hr. You're looking at about 6hrs. That's $240 in labor. Add materials and haz mat removal. $500 easy
Tails, You wipe me out. LOL
Am I the only person who actually likes the spoiler? It is different than most others and I like how it curves upward and flares inward towards the front of the car.

I dont think they can really fill in the holes to make it look perfect. It might look odd in person if you walk past it in a parking lot and should be able to see the indentions.
Functional or not, I like the spoiler. I'll leave mine on. Personally if I were to remove it I would first check to see if the deck lid comes predrilled if so I would get a monaro one.
I like it off but I won't have any body work done to fill the holes. I'll wait for a "low profile" or small duck tail type spoiler to come available that utilizes existing holes. I think Arrowhead was working on something.
TAILS -- Hoes -- You crack me up. I can't wait to hear your story on your new GTO.
I definately like the look w/o the spoiler, but as mentioned I wouldn't want body work done on the car unless needed. Now if someone were run into the back end and I needed body work anyway, maybe we could get rid of that spoiler.
This car looks alot better without it. It gives the car a better line and lenght from front to back. I think your car will be unique, and will standout amongst other GTOs. You may even start a trend. It will look alot more european and strikingly similar to a Ferrari 550 Marenello. Lowered on all 4 sides with some chromeshadow rims, and your car will simply blow the competition away.
Here we go!

It's time to make that leap from the merely cosmetic to the truly practical.
Happy Motoring!
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