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Flagstaff Az. held its 2nd annual Rt.66 Car show this past weekend (9 Sept.). It was a really great show with almost 200 of the registered 200 cars showing up. There was also a rather nice turnout from the Looky-Lou's. I only counted 7 Pontiacs in the whole show, 4 GTO's, 2 T/A (er, well, 1.5), 1 Le Mans.

Flagstaff's Rt.66 Car Club did a great job of organizing and hosting the event! Thanks to Vic Julian, a fellow GTO owner, and all of the other club members for making this show worth the trip! :patriot:

I took a bunch of pix, 169 in all, and only just got finished reducing them. I am still not finished with getting them up on the Land Of Enchantment GTOs site. There are still a bunch more that I have to get through, but I think I got a good representative set up now. I have the rest up before the end of the week..maybe. Enjoy!

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