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so i was browsing through the predator tune with efi live, trying to see what all they actually do change.... and noticed, that im not sure, but it doesnt appear that they really change anything as far as shift point... is that correct or am i wrong...

for instance, it seems like a very common idea to force 1st gear to hold out a little longer before shifting to second, but it appeared to me that it was left stock on the predator...

now im very very new to reading tunes so maybe i just read it wrong...

and it also appeared that some torque management was left into the tune as well...

any input would be great

thanks in advance


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It may depend on the version of Predator...the 1.XX versions tended to shift harder and removed more TM, if I remember correctly. Version 2.XX did not change the shift behavior much from stock, and left at least some TM on. The version 2 tune was considered "safer" for the drivetrain.

The Predator can change the WOT shift RPM, but I don't think it is capable of changing the part throttle shift/RPM curves. Which is really what is needed to make it hold 1st gear longer.
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