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Production Started!!!

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First production car was black m6 with red interior!

#1's VIN # coming soon :)
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That's great news! Does anyone know how many GTOs on average should be produced each shift?
Can you tell what dealer that car is headed for?
I'm unsure, right now they are setup to do 10 a shift, and going to up it to 30. There is some shortage with the wheels. The first one that went down the line was stopped and pictures were taken by the we might see those posted somewhere by pontiac. Other than that Holden has a strict policy so we will not be seeing pictures of our cars go down the line. - your source for GTO information
Does anybody know how many will be put on a ship and where they will be unloaded in the U.S.?
Also can you tell me the color of the GTO insigna on the black interior. My car will be Silver and the gages will be red with red stitching on the shift lever and steering wheel?
well there is some confusion, the first ship is to leave in october 14th. Which means there will be ALOT of cars going on there. I honestly do not know how much they can fit on a ship ... i'd say atleast a few hundred.

I will confirm the stiching in the seats for you.

About 6 months ago a Norwegian ship sank carrying Volvos. The manifest had 2,862 vehicles aboard.
I don't even want to hear about that one.drink
Doing a little math here.
Production run will be 18,000. Figure for 11 months since they retool for the 2005 etc. That means 1,633 a month call it 1700 since they are slow to start. 30 days in a month means 56 cars a day. More if they don't work weekends. I don't know what my point is but they better get humping and get those cars done!!!!
thats a lot plus all the other cars they build does any one know how many cars say impalas they build a day?? ive been to the corvette plant but i dont remember how many they build a day??
Holden I *think* has only one plant .... if they have more its not many. GTO's are 3rd shift only... they also build cars to export to the saudi .... and their own...
Devil, if a TPW is 11/24/03, do you think they will still ship in December, or do you think they will ship later? Thanks for searching mine so quickly by the way.
I just plan on getting mine around march....

We will be able to tell more when the first ones come over
Okay, I'll bite..........

What did I do to get my TPW moved up from 11/24 to 10/27? If I could find out I'd do it again! :) It figures though, I didn't care as long as it arrived by May of next year I would have been happy. The way it looks I could get a real nice Xmas present! Let's see at 1 coat of Zaino a day from January to May........... Damn Black car is really going to shine!

Take care I'm off to buy a lottery ticket while my luck is holding,

And here it is, the name of the first GTO transport ship.....Oh no, it's the Minnow!!!!:eek: :eek: :eek:
Ok, I figure the boat will land in California, but how long from there to Wisconsin? Any way I'll see my GTO by Thanks Giving?:D
as long as its not the TITANIC ???
cjlannoy said:
Ok, I figure the boat will land in California, but how long from there to Wisconsin? Any way I'll see my GTO by Thanks Giving?:D
Where in WI? May I come up to see it?
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