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Hey everyone,

I created this thread to showcase our plugs and to provide a visual demonstration of exactly what happens when you run Pulstar Spark Plugs in your LS Engine. Simply put, we use innovative plasma-assisted combustion technology to increase horsepower and torque.

Pulstar features an internal capacitor, developed with the help of a US Department of Energy laboratory, to store energy that creates a high-intensity electrical pulse when released. This pulse saturates the fuel with combustion-enhancing plasma, ensuring instant ignition and a rapid burn.

► Instant ignition and a more complete burn means your LS Engine responds quickly. You’ll really feel the difference in throttle response when pulling away from a stop.

► Pulstar’s rapid burn creates higher peak pressure on the piston; applying more torque on the crank shaft, resulting in more power to your wheels.

► Burning more fuel during the power stroke means you get the most power from your fuel. Laboratory and dyno testing has repeatedly shown gains in horsepower.

► Pulstar burns fuel efficiently, ensuring it isn’t wasted. Whether you see an improvement in power, fuel economy, or both depends on how you drive.​

The following YouTube videos were recorded in a compressed chamber nicknamed "Sparky". It has an ignition system attached to it, where pressurized compressed air is stored within. What you are seeing is the capacitor discharging the stored energy to create our plasma-forming pulse. This makes our “spark” appear brighter when compared to any conventional spark plug. Please let me know if you guys have any questions!

Pulstar Spark Plug vs. NGK Iridium IX

Pulstar Spark Plug vs. Denso Iridium

Pulstar Spark Plug vs. NGK Laser Iridium

Pulstar Spark Plug vs. Bosch Platinum 4

Pulstar Spark Plug vs. Autolite XP Iridium

Pulstar Spark Plug vs. Bosch Platinum Fusion

Pulstar Spark Plug vs. Champion

- [email protected]
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