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Just throwing this in the pile, there are several other posts about this "cold case"aluminum radiator and the Svede OTR.
The one below has great install pics so I will reference for anyone interested.

My quick review:

Like many before my OEM radiator was destined to crack and did at 65K

Called and spoke with Eric

> Radiator was packaged extremely good, box within a box, lots of protection.

> acceptable weld quality, came with 18lb cap and petcock installed.

> install was easy and the fit perfect once I cut the lower rubber locating donuts in half slightly reducing the height to eliminate any rubbing issues. Don't forget to burp the baby.

> also trimmed the fan shroud to give better access to the petcock.

> did not take any of the top seam down as mine did not rub.

all in all a great piece for the money and like the Mishimoto a lifetime warranty.

It's great to have parts suppliers putting solid new products out for our GTO's!

Nah man, it's just the 5.7...
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Great to hear another positive review. I think I'll be pulling the trigger on one soon here.
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