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Reflash question

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If I reflash my ECU with a Tech2 or a Clone version do I need the security pin, or is that not needed? I ask because the Diablosport i2 didn't work to reset the computer.
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PIN is not needed to do the actual flashing. It is needed to re-link the modules after re-flashing.
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Good to know, I got the codes yesterday after I got the run around from several dealers. Now one thing I don't understand does the Tech 2 have the stock tune saved in it or do I need to download it from somewhere?
Tech2 is really just a pass-thru device for flashing purposes, as are the j2534 devices. TIS2000 is old standalone software that only runs on up to windows 7 or XP I believe? Unless you're techy and can setup virtual machines with ease or have an old computer running ancient windows, not worth it IMO.

ACdelco TDS/SPS2 will download the file and flash it. But you need a tech2 or compatible J2534 device. Can be done in-car in your garage with a decent internet connection and a fully charged battery.
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No experience with clones, sorry. Could never find one I was willing to take a chance on. VXNano was about as close to a “clone” as I got.
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VXnano/Moongoose cables will do everything the Tech2 does, in theory. There is also emulated Tech2 software(Tech2Win) which is basically a Tech2 device running on your windows machine. It does not allow programming, but works for diagnostics/data using a j2534 device. So, there really is no need for an actual Tech2 anymore.

The one thing I had trouble with, while using Tech2Win, was talking to BCM/ABS modules to read data when using the VXnano/Mongoose cables. I never had an actual Tech2 device to test so I am not sure those things worked on an actual device or not either. This is an unrelated issue and not something the average person would really use anyways.
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The Amazon page for the VXNano has a bunch of options, just click the “GM” one. You’ll need to install some things like drivers and other hacky things from VXDiag. There is a VXDiag website where you download the stuff and if I recall there is detailed instructions there as well, if they don’t come with the device. I would just start with the basic drivers. Be ready for windows to yell at you.

edit link to VX install documents and the actual VX website page for the GM device. (I purchased from amazon, didn't trust the site.. haha)
Prod page: USB Version VXDiag VCX NANO for GM/OPEL 2022.5 GDS2 Tech2WIN Diagnostic Tool

You’ll need to make an account on the Acdelco TDS site then purchase the $45 SPS license, this is tied to your VIN. Then, when you click the SPS programming stuff it should open and run the software from the browser. EDIT#2 I was wrong, looks like you need to go through and install the program. You still launch from your browser though, launching the actual software does not work as it wont let you log in. Launch from the browser and it should work. It should open up like an installed program, but it doesn’t really install anything that stays on your computer, maybe some temp files. After that it should find the device and won’t let you go any further unless it finds a device. Then there is a couple of option screens and “next” buttons. Followed by a programming “start” type of screen, it’ll program and then ask you to re-link the modules. This is we’re you’ll enter the security code. Should say successful and I think it’s done after that.

You can also purchase access to the full service manual and lookup the specific reprogramming procedure for the car. It will detail steps better than I did but the software kind of walks you through it anyways. I’d recommend at least having access to this whole programming for help with any issues that come up.

Your tuner should know all of this also, so feel free to confide in them during the process if you have questions. Hopefully they make themselves available to you, if you need.
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That’s the part where you need to enter the security PIN.
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GTO Service manual states:
Is a 4-digit code used for linking the ECM to the PIM. The Security Code is also known as the Immobilizer or IMMO Code. When looking up the Security Code information in GM Global Connect it will be referred to as the IMMO code in Key Code Lookup. When referring to the original Security information given to the customer at purchase the code is identified as the "SECURITY CODE". Note: Security information is located on a Security Card that comes with the vehicle during shipment. If the Security Card is lost or not available the Parts Department Manager (or Dealership Personnel that have access to KeyCode Look Up) can access the information with the VIN in GM Global Connect under KeyCode Look Up.
  1. Program the ECM Using Pass-Thru programming.
  2. After the ECM is programmed, the PIM needs to be linked to the ECM (Follow the tips above). With the scan tool still installed and setup for "J2534 Tech2" programming, turn the scan tool on and leave it on the start screen (Title Screen)
  3. On TIS select Service Programming System
  4. Select "J2534 Tech2", Replace and Program ECU, and Vehicle
  5. Build vehicle on TIS screen
  6. Follow on screen prompts
  7. Verify the VIN is correct as compared to the VIN plate on the car.
  8. Select PIM; PIM to PCM Linking (J2534)
  9. Follow on screen prompts
  10. Select PIM (GMLAN) Link to ECM (GMLAN)
  11. Enter 4 digit Security Code or IMMO code if using KeyCode information.
  12. Follow on screen prompts. Message PIM Link to PCM Successful should be displayed
  13. Cycle ignition off and remove key for 30 seconds.
  14. Perform a CKP System Variation Learn Procedure. CKP learn is available in the "Powertrain" - "Special Functions" > "Engine Output Controls" > "Learn Procedures".
Note: If the incorrect security code is used, a timer is started in the PIM. Every time an incorrect code is used, the timer will double. The only way to run the timer down, so that programming can be completed, is to leave the ignition in the Run position. The SPS screen timer will not increment down while timing down, please wait until the SPS screen displays to enter security code information once again.
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I am not sure the '04 had a security code. It uses a different ECM. The BCM has a code for linking to the PIM, but only required when replacing the BCM. If all modules are original to the car, then the relink procedure after re-programming the ECM would just be PIM to ECM done using a tech2 or the tech2 software from ACDelco website with a J2534 device, if the SPS/TLC system does not do it directly after re-programing like it does for 05/06. But there seems to be a procedure in SPS/TLC for this:
Body Control Module BCM Programming/RPO Configuration
ECM/PIM/BCM Security Link
If the engine control module (ECM), powertrain interface module (PIM) and/or the body control module (BCM) are replaced, the new modules must be security linked to each other. If the procedure is not performed, the engine will not crank or run. If the BCM has been replaced then replace and program all of the key fob transmitters for each of the vehicle's keys. The replacement BCM comes with a new security code replacing the code on the vehicle's security card.
With the Tech 2, perform the following procedure:
  1. Replace the key fob transmitter for each of the vehicle's keys.
  2. Connect the Tech 2 to the data link connector (DLC) and select: Diagnostic / Pontiac GTO/ Body / Body Control Module / Special Functions / Program Key Fobs, and follow the screen instructions to program the key fob transmitters. Refer to Remote Control Door Lock Transmitter Programming for further information.
  3. When prompted, enter the security code located on the new BCM and follow the Tech 2 instructions. If a valid code is entered, the new BCM and key fobs will now be linked to each other. The key fobs will be write protected by the BCM and can never be link to another BCM.
  4. After successfully programming the new key fobs, backup to Special Functions and select Link BCM to PIM and enter the new security code. This will link the new BCM to the PIM and the security information in the PIM will change. Therefore, the PIM and the ECM will have to be linked. Perform a Vehicle Theft Deterrent relearn through SPS Programming. This will link the PIM to the ECM.
  5. If replacing the PIM only, the procedure is the same except the key fobs programming procedure is not needed.
  6. If replacing the ECM only, security link the ECM by performing the Vehicle Theft Deterrent relearn through SPS Programming.
Without the Tech 2, perform the following procedure:
  1. Replace the key fob transmitter for each of the vehicle's keys.
    Program the key fob transmitter. Refer to Remote Control Door Lock Transmitter Programming in Keyless Entry.
  2. Turn ignition ON with a valid key.
  3. Leave the ignition in the ON position for 10 minutes. After 10 minutes the car horn will chirp once.
  4. Turn the ignition OFF within 5 minutes after the horn chirp and ON again within 5 seconds. If the timing expires for this step, the sequence will be cancelled.
  5. Leave the key in the ON position for 10 minutes. After 10 minutes the car horn will chirp twice.
  6. Turn the ignition OFF within 5 minutes after the horn chirps and ON again within 5 seconds.
  7. Leave the key in the ON position for 10 minutes, after 10 minutes the car horn will chirp three times. During the three horn chirps the BCM and PIM are being linked.
  8. Turn the ignition OFF, and wait 5 seconds.
  9. Turn the ignition ON and leave the ignition in the ON position for 10 minutes.
  10. Turn the ignition OFF, and wait 5 seconds.
  11. Turn the ignition ON and leave the ignition in the ON position for 10 minutes.
  12. Turn the ignition OFF, and wait 5 seconds.
  13. Turn the ignition ON and leave the ignition in the ON position for 10 minutes.
  14. The ECM is now ready to relearn the password from the PIM on the next ignition switch transition from OFF to CRANK.
  15. Turn the ignition ON. Linking is now completed.
  16. Turn the ignition to crank and run engine at idle speed, to confirm the linking procedure has been successful.
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No Crank After Reprogramming ECM - keywords P0633 P1629 BCM ECM ecm immobilizer link module PCM PIM stall start - (Sep 26, 2006)

Subject: No Crank after Reprogramming ECM

Models: 2005-2006 Pontiac GTO

The following diagnosis might be helpful if the vehicle exhibits the symptom(s) described in this PI.

No crank after reprogramming an Engine Control Module (ECM) / Powertrain Control Module (PCM).

After reprogramming the ECM, it is necessary to link the ECM to the PIM using the following procedure:

First link the BCM to the PIM using the scan tool.
Then link the ECM to the PIM using pass through programming.

If this procedure was not followed then the ECM will have to be reprogrammed again before the ECM and PIM can be linked with the procedure above.

Note:: You must use pass-through programming when linking the ECM to the PIM.

Please follow this diagnostic or repair process thoroughly and complete each step. If the condition exhibited is resolved without completing every step, the remaining steps do not need to be performed.
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Slightly vague summary, but use the software from the website, not the software on the disk if it came with that. Update software if needed, reboot computer, open VXManager, plug in VXnano, click renew license, close VXmanager. Open Chrome/Edge as admin and launch the TLC/SPS software, do the pass-thru programming. If it will program the modules it will link. Don't forget the countdown timer note in one of my previous posts. After re-programing the ECM you may need to just let it sit there until the box pops up to input the code when doing the re-link. I would also be double checking that you have the correct security code.

You are having the same issues I originally had and you get to the PIM link, so you are not doing anything wrong. You are lucky you weren't doing this when GM was switching from TIS to TLC. I wasted an entire weekend trying to get the software to work and was on the phone with ACDelco support to get it working correctly. Then wasted another day trying to find my security code because I did not read the service manual and didn't know a re-link was required. Patience.
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@eXo3901 are you running the vxdiag on windows 7 32 bit?
I was using windows 10 pro.

hey, look, it's our bro.

he was also able to get it to start with disabling VATS. also had a similar issue, perhaps?

going to read through the 2 pages of this thread, brb.

EDIT: seems he fixed the problem with just using a different device to reflash and link.
Yes. Ultimately used a mongoose cable and it worked. Never went back to redo it with the nano. I was doing this all literally the week GM made the official switch to the new TLC software. So there’s no way to tell if my issues were device related or software related. The TLC software updated itself multiple times.

I was able to start by applying the VATS patches and disabling all the corresponding codes. The cluster will throw all kinds of errors/warnings each startup though.

FWIW, one of my original recommendations was to use a Mongoose cable…
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There is. It depends on what you are doing. If just reprogramming the ECU, then the ECU needs to be linked to PIM after reprogramming the ECU. See post 47 of this thread. What codes are you getting? Is the cluster flashing SES, ABS, and other faults when you turn the key on?

There is also paid access to the full service manual on the ACDelco site. If you want reprogramming information straight from the horses mouth.
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I have all original OEM modules. There was no issue with any of them. Just needed to follow the service procedure. Reprogram>Wait for security code box to pop up to link the PIM>enter security code>PIM and ECU link successful.
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There is no requirement to link the BCM to the PIM/ECU if you are just reprogramming the ECU. I thought I mentioned that previously. I think when you are switching to the BCM linking after reprogramming the ECU it might be knocking the ECU out of “linking mode”. Which requires you to again reprogram the ECU in order to initiate the ECU “linking mode” which, based on the service procedure, is only active directly after reprogramming the ECU.
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No I never get the option to put in the immobilizer code, now when I reprogrammed my ecu it asked for a code
With the new PIM and inputting the 4 digit security code still didn’t work?

I don’t believe 2004 models require ECU/PIM relink, just maybe the VATs relearn. Which would explain why anyone with an ‘04 has different/less options. I didn’t look into ‘04 stuff to deep though.

Hope the mongoose cable works!
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That’s great!

We have confirmed that the nano device or more likely, the devices implementation of the communication protocols is not 100% compatible with this car. My apologies for ever recommending it.
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