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Reflash question

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If I reflash my ECU with a Tech2 or a Clone version do I need the security pin, or is that not needed? I ask because the Diablosport i2 didn't work to reset the computer.
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i don't know, but if you just go to the dealership and take your registration in, they can look up all of the security codes for you.
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Good to know, I got the codes yesterday after I got the run around from several dealers. No one thing I don't understand does the Tech 2 have the stock tune saved in it or do I need to download it from somewhere?
you need to download it.
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Do you know where to get it from?
do you remember my post in the other thread about getting an ACDelco TDS subscription and the TIS2000 software?

if a dealership somewhere still has the TIS2000 software running on a PC, they should be able to do it for you.
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you might be hard pressed to find a dealership that still has TIS2000 running. an enthusiast or tuner somewhere is more likely to use it.

GM dealers stopped using the tech ii some time ago (2010?) and now use a laptop based scantool and service programming system.

@eXo3901 made a post about some equipment to use to connect to the dealership's current setup to download the tune and flash your ecm. I think it might have been VXDIAG VCX NANO? and some other equipment, such as the needed cables... the post is lost now, though. i don't really remember.
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i mean... yeah. that should work. if you want to spend almost 400 bux...

you still need a TDS subcription.

...or just take to the dealer and ask real nice to plug it in to their network? lol.
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i haven't done any of this myself (yet). So, get a 2nd opinion before you spend any more money.
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Could you or someone else use your software and connections to look up my IMMO? That's the only important piece of data the dealership didn't provide me for my 04. (I have the security card for the 06.)
i have a sneaking suspicion that if you did have a key code lookup done, you did get the code, it just wasn't called the "IMMO" code on the printout.

i think i got a "trunk" code with my 04 key code lookup, which made no sense to me at the time. going to look at it when i get home to see if it's 4 digits.
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The only four digit codes I got were "radio PIN" and "GloveBox Code". The glovebox code was used to cut my glovebox keys. The sections left blank were VATS Code, Storage Key and IMMO Code.

the only reason i'm speculating about the trunk key code is that, well, there's no trunk key.

i'll still look at the printout when i get home in the morning.

i also haven't played with the tech ii and my 04, i'll have to next week while i'm off of work.
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ok, i just had the wife send me a snap shot. :ROFLMAO:

the "trunk key" code for my 04 is a 4-digit code.

you sure yours isn't, @Rich-Tripower ?

EDIT: well, it seems like it's the same code as the ignition key code, with the exception that the ignition key code has a letter in front of it.

well, there goes that idea.
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i guess it shouldn't be surprising the 04 is different from the 05/06 in yet another respect.

going to have to tie the service manuals around my neck for constant reference.

thanks for the info, @eXo3901
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you could just try flashing a stock file from another GTO that's the same year model, with the same OS and calibration service numbers. then do a file compare, and copypasta your calibration.

but hptuners doesn't write the entire ECM, i don't think. with the tech ii or vxnano you're doing a complete over write. so, if the problem is a corruption is in a spot hptuner's can't touch... well...
but he's already completely reflashed his ECM, so i don't think that option would work now, anyway.

OP could also just try to disable VATS and see if it starts now...
Nope disabling VATS doesn't work tried it
guess you need to relink with the PIM no matter what on the 05/06 cars.

found that video, not sure if it has any info that helps.
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according to this, despite being unable to relink with his PIM, his VATS delete resulted in a successful start, but he had an DIC error.

e40 VATS delete isn't as simple as other ECM's. seems you have to do some juggling. did you apply the VATS patch? seems you also have to disable the immobilizer DTC's.

hey, look, it's our bro.

he was also able to get it to start with disabling VATS. also had a similar issue, perhaps?

going to read through the 2 pages of this thread, brb.

EDIT: seems he fixed the problem with just using a different device to reflash and link.
What does a complete write do with hp tuners?
i guess the simple answer is that it should rewrite the OS as well as the calibration, but there's more data in the ECM than those things. you can't flash a blank ECM with HPTuners, for instance. you can with GM SPS.

i see your point, though. i think the likelihood that the corruption is somewhere in the calibration or the OS is really high. iirc i had suggested the same thing you did in the now deleted thread, but for some reason his tuner wanted him to have his ECM reflashed instead of trying to reflash his ECM himself with a fresh, stock tune file and starting over.

tbh, there is probably only a tiny bit of info hptuners doesn't touch. like, the ECM serial, maybe something reminiscent of a boot loader, just speculating here. if that itself was corrupted, his car probably wouldn't be starting anyway.
oh, also wanted to add, on some posts on hptuners forum, chris has indicated that depending on the ECM, not every portion of software is read or written.

for instance, when i was doing research on the slave os i came across this:

just depends on the ECM and on what capabilites hptuners has.

i would imagine with the P59 or E40, however, it's fairly complete except for the smallest bit of code.
man it's been a LOOOONG time since i've seen a PC with a serial port.
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pull the ecm/bcm fuse in the engine fuse block for a minute, put it back in.
did you link the PIM and ECM?
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