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Reflash question

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If I reflash my ECU with a Tech2 or a Clone version do I need the security pin, or is that not needed? I ask because the Diablosport i2 didn't work to reset the computer.
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i don't know, but if you just go to the dealership and take your registration in, they can look up all of the security codes for you.
Very cool! I guess it a field trip to the dealership today thanks
PIN is not needed to do the actual flashing. It is needed to re-link the modules after re-flashing.
Good to know, I got the codes yesterday after I got the run around from several dealers. Now one thing I don't understand does the Tech 2 have the stock tune saved in it or do I need to download it from somewhere?
you need to download it.
Do you know where to get it from?
do you remember my post in the other thread about getting an ACDelco TDS subscription and the TIS2000 software?

if a dealership somewhere still has the TIS2000 software running on a PC, they should be able to do it for you.
Can I use this
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i mean... yeah. that should work. if you want to spend almost 400 bux...

you still need a TDS subcription.

...or just take to the dealer and ask real nice to plug it in to their network? lol.
If I find a dealer that could reflash it back to stock that means I would have to have it done in the parking lot so I could retune it without it sitting in their bay.
Put it in neutral and push
Right! Couple of guys and some sand and it would feel just like team week back as SFAS for me LOL!!
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Tech2 is really just a pass-thru device for flashing purposes, as are the j2534 devices. TIS2000 is old standalone software that only runs on up to windows 7 or XP I believe? Unless you're techy and can setup virtual machines with ease or have an old computer running ancient windows, not worth it IMO.

ACdelco TDS/SPS2 will download the file and flash it. But you need a tech2 or compatible J2534 device. Can be done in-car in your garage with a decent internet connection and a fully charged battery.
Thank you for the great info. So, I need a TECH 2 do you have any experience or knowledge on the TECH 2 clones?
I'm looking at the VX Nano does that do the same thing a Tech 2 does? If it does thats a much cheaper route then even buying a TECH 2 clone.
@eXo3901 So all I would need is to get a VX Nano and then download the SPS software to reflash and link my ECU? I also noticed there are several makes/models on Amazon do you have a favorite one you like?
Thank you very much you have been a great help! If you ever need a kidney let me know and I'll find someone for you 😆
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@eXo3901 Thanks I'm going to do like you and get it off Amazon also Thanks for the editing there was a couple of questions I had but you beat me to them in your edit.
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Well step one complete I ordered VX Nano today.
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@eXo3901 It came in and I got the subscription now it looks like I just need to watch the video that came with it and set it up.
Holy Hell this is a pain
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@eXo3901 so I believe I programmed my TCM and ECU when it was done it also gave me a warranty code does this sound correct, or do i need to do something else?
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That’s the part where you need to enter the security PIN.
The only time it asked for the IMMO pin was when I did the ECU, and of course I put it in.
GTO Service manual states:
Thank you very much! Holy Hell that makes it so much clearer.
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Noticed this on the VXDIAGSHOP / VCXNANO website. Not a concern?

Supports GM Chevrolet Cadillac GMC Buick Hummer from year 2000 to 2020. Only GDS2 supports Opel and Saab. Tech2Win DOESN'T support Opel and Saab (2000-2010). DOES NOT do Holden.
They Probably mean actual legit Holden's, not Pontiacs built by Holden to ship to the US market.
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