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@eXo3901 So all I would need is to get a VX Nano and then download the SPS software to reflash and link my ECU? I also noticed there are several makes/models on Amazon do you have a favorite one you like?

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The Amazon page for the VXNano has a bunch of options, just click the “GM” one. You’ll need to install some things like drivers and other hacky things from VXDiag. There is a VXDiag website where you download the stuff and if I recall there is detailed instructions there as well, if they don’t come with the device. I would just start with the basic drivers. Be ready for windows to yell at you.

edit link to VX install documents and the actual VX website page for the GM device. (I purchased from amazon, didn't trust the site.. haha)
Prod page: USB Version VXDiag VCX NANO for GM/OPEL 2022.5 GDS2 Tech2WIN Diagnostic Tool

You’ll need to make an account on the Acdelco TDS site then purchase the $45 SPS license, this is tied to your VIN. Then, when you click the SPS programming stuff it should open and run the software from the browser. EDIT#2 I was wrong, looks like you need to go through and install the program. You still launch from your browser though, launching the actual software does not work as it wont let you log in. Launch from the browser and it should work. It should open up like an installed program, but it doesn’t really install anything that stays on your computer, maybe some temp files. After that it should find the device and won’t let you go any further unless it finds a device. Then there is a couple of option screens and “next” buttons. Followed by a programming “start” type of screen, it’ll program and then ask you to re-link the modules. This is we’re you’ll enter the security code. Should say successful and I think it’s done after that.

You can also purchase access to the full service manual and lookup the specific reprogramming procedure for the car. It will detail steps better than I did but the software kind of walks you through it anyways. I’d recommend at least having access to this whole programming for help with any issues that come up.

Your tuner should know all of this also, so feel free to confide in them during the process if you have questions. Hopefully they make themselves available to you, if you need.
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