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Reply from Australia!

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Here is the reply I got this morning from a Holden employee. I ask about my TPW getting set back 51 days and advice on waiting for an 05!
That is a big change in dates. We have hundreds of cars sitting in our yard and heaps more on the docks. The only reson I can think of is we shut shop next week for three weeks but that does not explain the 51 days.
"I am only presuming that the 6 litre is standard. If I was you, I would put a small deposit on a 6 litre as with the scoops and new rear bumperbar, they look a lot better. It might take a little bit longer to get the update but you will get a better car for it."
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Heres a few question if you talk to Australia again.

1. If they're coming out with the 6 liter, how much more money are we looking at spending?

2. When can we expect production to begin on the 2005?

3. Are they going to keep the same production numbers like the 2004..... at 18,000?

4. What additional options are we going to have available.... such as moon/sun roof, heated seats ect....?

5. Are they going to have the advanced order program for the 2005?

6. Any other colors offered?

I know there's a big possibility that he won't be able to answer all, if any. But can't hurt to try. :cool:
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I work at Holdens as well and this is what i can answer.
I think the reason for the delay is because we cannot get supplies to finish the current cars and quality problems i think.
As for ur questions.
1. Sorry no idea
2. We start the Next model for australia in August 2004 so sometime soon after that.
3. 18,000 cars is set for each of the next 3 years, after that i dont know.
4. Sunroof maybe.
5. Dont Know.
6. Yes a few new colours, a bright light blue at least, possibly even on the current model as well.
I would guess next years model GTO is going to cost a good bit more. It is a heck of a car, especially at the present sticker price and that is why dealers all over the country are going for the extra 5K. I think the value for the MSRP is fantastic this year, but remember they stated the 04 would cost around 32K and they kept that promise. Nothing says the 05 will not have an MSRP of around 40K especially with a bigger engine and maybe other upgrades (for those who consider sunroofs an upgrade).

By all means, please keep the info coming. You will decide whether I keep my 04 reserved or get an 05 model.

I like the Autocross version's styling better, but not by a great deal. If the hood scoops look good and are functional (please god) then I'm definitely gonna wait for an 05 model.

PLEASE let us know ANYTHING............. may your children be blessed and their children's children, etc etc........

This is what I know of the MY2005 GTO Test cars

-Same from faschia
-Hood Scoops (right not connected to air induction)
-Rear valence panel cut out more with honeycomb plasic
-"GTO" on rear valence
-Dual sided exhaust
-6.0 LS2 2v
I'm sure you're sources are relaible DY - but if you don't mind me asking, how do you know this?

Holden employees? GM employees? Your sixth sense?

Hmmmm, the 05 model is sounding pretty nice with that LS2......
Well I didnt say this is the 05 GTO... but what they are testing right now. It's impossible to say 100% what the 05 GTO will really be until we have production cars.

I've talked to quite a few different people from Holden as well as having a few pictures.
DevilYellow said:

-6.0 LS2 2v
It will have a two barrel?;)

Will you have to change the name of the site?
Hmmmmm, that LS2 is really making me think about what to do.......:confused:
Don't worry .... the 05 will not be THAT much better ... and if it does it will cost more. Any changes can be done also to the 04's. 5.7 to 6.0 aint that big.. I'd rather save money on the car and build a builtup shortblock.
davbo said:
Hmmmmm, that LS2 is really making me think about what to do.......:confused:
I think you should buy it, then when the '05 comes out be really sorry you bought an '04 and sell it to me really cheap.
What about the trunk space on the '05, any idea if they are going to move the gas tank again or do something else to improve it? That would really be the only reason I might wait for the '05, I can get 400 hp out of the ls1 with little money and not have to wait and I can put on whatever hood I want but there is really no way to improve the trunk space.
I'm looking into an 04...I personally am too antsy to wait for an 05. Plus: If, for 05 it's a 6.0L, I don't care because I'd build a 7.0L for it anyway. If the hood changes, I don't care because I'd change the hood to something else to be different. If the colors change, I don't care because I want red no matter what is offered.

So, in summary, if I did not have a bunch of snow around, I'd REALLY be wanting one right now!!!

Not saying it'd be bad to wait, but I think it's cool to have the first of the "return" of the GTO. Take care.
To wait or not to wait

Well take it from someone that jumped into a 94 Stang the first year (Retro Pony) and I've enjoyed it's looks and performance ever since. The way Ford kept changing things every year hurt their sales. If Pontiac stays on track with the Grand AM and Grand Prix they'll leave the GTO alone for quite awhile. As for the the horsepower upgrade in 05, I've seen numerous aftermarket bolts on hitting the market before the Goat arrives, that's outstanding. Keep the faith and go for the first year return, you'll never have the chance again. ANd will never forgive yourself if you don't. I'm jumping again, I wouldn't miss the chance to get a GTO. :wall:

I agree with you 100%! You have to take the chance when it comes along.

There is always going to be a better, faster car out there!

But the chance to own a car like the 04 GTO only comes along so often. When it does, you have to go for it!

I know things with Pontiac and the Advance Order are all messed up. From what I have been hearing and from what Danny said about his GTO, I dont think we will regret owning the 04 GTO.
I agree MILLPOND, but I really wanted to get this car before I retire. And they're going to have to get on the stick, I've only got 33 years to go!! By then we'll all be like the Jetsons and won't even need the damn thing.:rolleyes:
Any change to the 05 is just speculation. The 04 is real and slowly starting to arrive at dealerships. It is a fantastic car and no matter what changes they make next year I will not regret owning the first year model of the return of the GTO. Plus as stated earlier in this thread you can count on a price increase for any improvements.
The 04 is the OG new gen GTO. If the 05 is that much better you can always trade it in. Either way they are both awesome cars.
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