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Returning GTO member, plus a new GTO member

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Hey y’all, I actually got my 05 last summer, and my Dad actually just picked his up last week! I’ve been a thread creeper since I got the car, but decided to introduce the rides. I actually had a Cosmos Purple GTO 09-12, but now me and my Dad both ended up in 05/06 PBM/Red M6s. His has pedders extreme coilovers, unknown short shifter, aftermarket head unit and spintech exhaust. Mines got Pacesetter LTs, magnaflow catless exhaust, Bruteforce CAI w/Lingenfelter filter, almost full SAP kit, Energy Bushings, Mishi Rad and hoses, and Predator tune. Both have their small flaws, but both drive and look great for 16/17 year old cars
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Welcome aboard! Thats an awesome story man. Both look good brother, gotta love these things!
Welcome to our forum. Great people a lot of knowledge and experience here. Best group for gearheads in town.
Thanks! Yea I guess the forum isn’t what it once was, don’t see any more Tail of the Dragon meet ups like their used to be. And ignore the dirtiness of the cars! I swear they get washed haha. Both are about due for full fluid flushes so that’s the next task
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But definitely my go to for any questions. I swear, any little hiccup I’ve run into, I’ve found the answer here, and usually a few different threads on it
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Only flaws I see are all those bugs on your bumper!

Welcome to the herd and thanks for posting.
Looks great and welcome. If you want guys want to keep your engine covers on please swap out your old plastic/rubber fuel line ASAP!!!
Looks great and welcome. If you want guys want to keep your engine covers on please swap out your old plastic/rubber fuel line ASAP!!!
Excellent points - both of them. Or at least enlarge the opening where fuel line goes under the cover, and wrap the fuel line to protect it.

everybody likes the Black & red...except me
this car now in Sweden, or at least that's where I sent it when I got my Cosmos back in 2006
Wheel Tire Car Vehicle Window

kept the chromed rims, sent him the stock ones from the C P
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