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Well, definitely MMOB, I come up to stoplight and lo and behold, a Red RS6 is there waiting for me. I was in one of these morning slumber commute moods, just coming off a speeding ticket earlier in the month and wasn't really going to start anything.... things were quiet during the red and was just going to MMOB...

light turns green.

he guns it.

Inexplicably, the devil in me takes control of my right foot and I give chase.

obviously, you probably know the outcome. giving a non dump, .5 sec advantage to an AWD RS6 isn't going to get you anywhere, but it was nice seeing that 450 hp beast-thing run since they are pretty rare. He immediately pulled out 2-3 lengths and stayed there up to about 100. I probably could have given him a better race, but I was already close to work and pulled off.

So that's my uninspiring story. :)

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I'd take that kind of death daily. It's always nice to see people running the "higher end" rides.
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