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These are the rules for posting a for sale thread on Please take the time to review these rules before posting your thread. Bear in mind at all times that these rules are in place for the protection of the member base. We don't want you to get screwed on a purchase or a sale here. Transactions herein are at your own risk of course, and any dispute resolution is your responsibility alone.

Please note that violation of these rules carry consequences varying from deletion of your thread to loss of posting privileges on the forum.

It's a simple rule, and it's enforced by the forum software. You must have (100) posts under your account before you're able to create a thread in the For Sale sections of the forum. Postwhoring to (100) posts is strictly prohibited. If you're caught postwhoring through the forum to get to the required minimum, your For Sale thread will be deleted and your post count lowered to zero. There are many, many members here, and have no doubt that even if a member of the moderation staff misses your postwhoring, they will - and they will rat you out. Postwhoring is the act of making useless posts like "cool paint" or "nice numbers" in threads in order to just get your post count above 100.​

If you post a thread in this forum, you're offering your item(s) for sale. 'GI' or 'Gauging Interest' does nothing to change the requirements for posting in the For Sale sections.​

This is not eBay. You must post a price of all item(s) when you post your thread. 'OBO' is alright, and is understood to mean that you may accept offers lower than your asking price. Your asking price, of course, is not a 'starting point,' and auction-style selling is strictly forbidden here.​

This rule has been a controversial one for some. Effective January 15th, 2008, any threads found without pictures have been deleted on sight. This 'zero-tolerance' policy regarding pics will continue for the foreseeable future, so warm up those digital cameras. To be clear, pics are required of the actual item(s) you are selling. It is neither sufficient nor clever to post stock images from the Internet or images of items 'similar' to the ones you are selling. It is not the responsibility of the moderation team to show you how to post images, attach images using the forum software, or to provide you with a means for hosting your images. Such responsibilities are yours and yours alone. While it is alright to post a link to your images - perhaps an photo album - if the link becomes dead, your thread is then in violation of the rule and is subject to deletion.

A couple of notes. First and foremost, a picture of your item is required at the time you post your thread. Secondly - and this is a lesson lost on too many people for inexplicable reasons - the purpose of this rule is not to let us see what the item looks like. "I'd post pics, but I think we all know what these look like" is asinine. Yes, we probably know what 18" stock wheels look like. But we don't know what your 18" stock wheels look like, so post 'em up.

Finally, pics in your avatar and/or signature do not count. If you got the pics into your signature, you can get the pics into your post. Signatures and avatars are often changed without any regard to previous posts made in reference to them, so at any time, your FS thread can be left in violation of the posted For Sale Rules. Besides, many members have Signatures and/or Avatars turned off in their User Control Panels. Please post your pics in the original post.

Effective January 30, 2009, all pictures must contain a piece of paper with the seller's username and a date written clearly and legibly. If we can't read it, it isn't there. If the username and date is not clearly visible in the photo, the thread will be deleted on sight.

Update reguarding "Cars For Sale"
When selling a car, make sure that the detail shots, interior, engine bay ect, contain a sigcard (Screen name and date written clearly on a piece of paper). It would be nice to see the card/paper leaning against a wheel or tire in a wide shot and then an additional shot of that wheel showing the card/readable. If the sigcard shows up in the detail shots, it is pretty obvious that the car is in the sellers possession at the time of the shoot. Wide shots (full car shots) are excluded from needing a sigcard. There must be details shots, with sigcards, in the post.

A seller's asking price is never "too high." The price of an item is between the seller and the buyer; if you're not the buyer, do not post in the thread expressing your displeasure with the seller's asking price. This rule is Infraction-worthy. If you threadcrap, you can earn a one-point Infraction. Remember that Infractions have an expiration date, but if you earn 10 points, you get a week-long suspension from the forum.​

6. 'PM SENT,' 'BTT,' 'TTT,' ETC.
Excessive bumping of a thread is frowned upon, as it takes away from the visibility of other threads. Keep your 'Bumps,' 'BTTs,' 'TTTs,' etc. to one per day. Only the seller is permitted to post 'Bump,' 'BTT,' 'TTT,' etc. Sellers, note that replying to questions in your own thread counts. 'PM Sent' is a useless post. If you sent the seller a PM, you do not need to announce it in the seller's thread. The moderation team can and will randomly delete 'PM Sent' posts.​

If a deal seems too good to be true, it probably is. Use the Buyer Feedback forum as your best resource. Before offering to purchase an item from a member you do not otherwise know and/or trust, do a quick search through the Buyer Feedback forum for their username. And, please - sellers greatly appreciate when you use the Buyer Feedback forum to show other members when you've had a pleasant transaction experience with them. If it went well, post a quick thread saying so. As always, the isn't responsible for the results of your transactions, good or bad. Take the time to research your deal before making a purchase.​

If you're a paying sponsor, thank you. This forum would not be free to its membership base without you. We greatly appreciate your participation in the site, in terms of your expertise, your product, and your financial backing. The administration has provided you with sections of the forum for advertising your new products, sales, and group purchases. We ask that you please utilize those forums and leave the Parts For Sale, Cars For Sale, and Non-Automotive For Sale sections to the membership base. If you have a used or one-off product to sell or even a pile of can't-sell-as-new items, please, by all means use these sections as any other member would. Bear in mind, however, that your threads are subject to the same rules as anyone else's, and the requirements herein apply.​

Sometimes, you have an item or two that are too large or too heavy to ship. Or you may not want to ship your item(s). This is OK; for sale threads can be posted in the Regional forums, but all For Sale section rules apply. No pics, no thread. No price, no thread. Less than (100) posts? Sorry - no thread. Please note that the Regional and For Sale sections are the only forums on the site where you can post your items for sale. Ads found in other sections of the board will be deleted without hesitation or warning.​

Please try to post multiple items in one thread. Do not inundate the forum with a thread for each item you are attempting to sell. One or two threads may be permitted, but more than that may be merged into one thread.​

Please be aware that buying and selling between anonymous parties via the Internet is risky business. You literally put your reputation on the line every time to buy or sell an item via the Internet, and when you post an item or items for sale "for a friend," you're still putting your reputation on the line, not theirs. If the item(s) are in your possession, and the pics that you post of the item(s) have been taken by you, and you broker the deal entirely, then I suppose there's no harm done. However, there is to be no "posting this for a friend" threads. If you're not taking responsibility for receipt of funds and/or shipment of product, please refrain from posting the thread.​

Links to other sites where the items are for sale are not allowed. This also goes for posting Ebay links in your threads. The items must solely be for sale here on this forum only.​

These rules are always subject to change, and while we appreciate your input, the moderation teams actions are at their discretion. If you take umbrage with an action by any member of the moderation team, you are encouraged to send a private message to the administration team with your questions, comments, or concerns.

Thank you for your support.
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