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Hi All,
This month GM is having a sale, all SAP spoilers are 50% off. We are going to pass along that sale to the forum members. GM's intent is to discontinue providing the painted spoilers, so the quantities I list here are going to be it! After that you'll have to get a primed one and have it painted.

12499666 - Primed - 190.15 shipped
12499667 - Torrid Red - 242.41 shipped (QTY 1 only)
12499668 - QuickSilver - 242.41 shipped (QTY unknown)
12499669 - Phantom Black - 242.41 shipped (QTY 2)

To order these you can order them conveniently online at any time from our site @ Click where it says click here to enter part number search. Use the part numbers above under Pontiac make.

Gene :patriot:
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