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Thought I would pass this along, since I haven't seen anyone else mention this problem and maybe it will help some of you to prevent a similar occurrence.

The upper part of the seat seam of BOTH of my rear seats on my '04 split apart. I am talking about the seam that is closest to the center of the car. It was just the top part and did not continue splitting down along the length of the seat so it wasn't very obvious. I took it in and they pulled the seat and repaired it, under warrantee.

I didn't even notice it because you would have to be either in the back seat of the car facing the tail end or outside of the car looking down through the back window. I only found out because a friend was standing next to the car, near the gas filler, spotted it, and brought it to my attention.

The upholsterer said that it was definately due to the sun beating down on it through the rear window. They suggested that I use a good leather conditioner on the seats, at least once a month.

I guess it would be a good idea to make sure that all the leather gets a conditioner treatment from time to time, but that rear area bakes under the sun and probably needs more attention.

Hope no one else has the roblem.


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