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just picked up the car from having my clutch replaced, and i noticed that when i shift into second, the boot is stretched very tight, to the point where i am fighting it as i go into second, and it wants to pull the shifter back up slightly, gives it a rubbery feeling, as the other gears now seem to "snap" right in when i shift, second does not feel that way....i spent a few minutes at home, and pulled the counsel up and unsnapped the boot, and it shifts fine, so its definetaly the boot being stretched too tight....i also noticed that the boot is secured to the bottom of the shift knob with a black tie-strap, maybe i just need to cut this and re-do it, because it looks like there is a little slack left over i can free up...


is it something more serious, ie..the shifter not installed correctly..

does anyway know if it would have been removed during a clutch replacement? i stopped into the dealer during the job, and i did see the counsel taken apart, but didn't notice if the shifter was still there...

if the shifter came off, are there any adjustments that could be off that could be causing shifter to go back farther than normal? when i am in neutral, it seems like there is more boot slack in back than front, and when i am in 1/3/5 gears, there is plent of boot in back, 2/4/6 and the front of the boot is stretched very tight.
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