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SI3 Cam + Creech Tune = SEG and VID

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Well drove 3.5hrs today for my Creech Tune at Carolina Auto Masters. Had about a twenty minute cool down...then the tuning began. He worked his magic and the goat runs awesome! I couldn't be happier with the numbers considering my mods. Not to bad for an 04 A4! Mods in my sig...I was an underdrive pulley away from 370 rwhp :judge: .

Graph: 368.8 rwhp / 348.8 rwtq
*Red untuned w/ cam *Blue final numbers after tuning

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Damn Keith you didn't do the UD while you were in there?
Congrats qwkgoat! That dyno graph of yours is so close to my graph. I bet it pulls really nice up top now.
Nice numbers, 8more hp than me our tq. numbers are jus about the same too, pretty interesting :gears: Maybe I should put some headers on this thing :secret: :drink:
sounds good! you'll get that 370RWHP mark for sure with a UD Pulley!
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