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Our first shipment of Siemens "80 lbs hr" injectors are arrving this week.

These are high impedence and will work with factory PCM

This is an OE injector Ford Racing is using on cobrajet GT500

Flow rates are
39.5 psi 80lbs/hr
43.5 psi 85lbs/hr

Initial pricing is $419 shipped

muscle mustangs and fast fords said:
Ford Racing has worked hard in getting the Cobra Jet built and out to the buyers in time for the NHRA Winternationals at Pomona Raceway. One of the neat things with the Cobra Jet program was that Ford Racing engineers designed and produced new parts to address some concerns from building a 9-second capable machine.

One such concern was fuel supply, Ford Racing could supply enough for 800 or more rear wheel horsepower using an in-tank fuel pump assembly consisting of twin GT500 fuel pumps. The pump system has been on the market for years and it works flawlessly. The group found the next weakest link, how to inject the massive quantity of fuel from the twin pumps into the engine. Ford Racing sells up to 60-lb injectors for use in high impedance fuel injection systems—like the one from the factory. Unfortunately, the 60s weren't going to cut it so Ford Racing worked up a set of 80-lb injectors for the high-impedance systems.

According to Jesse Kershaw at Ford Racing, the injectors will support up to 1,100 horsepower at 85% duty and 1,280 horsepower at 100% duty cycle in naturally aspirated trim (assuming .50 lb/hp of brake specific fuel consumption). For those with forced induction, Kershaw said the injectors could handle 840 horsepower at 85% and 990 horsepower at 100%, assuming .65 lb/hp of brake specific fuel consumption. That is using a delta fuel pressure rating of 40 psi.

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