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Signature photo test

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I wanted to add more pics to my sig, so this is the test thread for that.

If others wish to do the same, let's keep it to this one thread.
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And one for my truck,
Here is a test picture of my new GTO.....

oh yeah that's right. I don't have one yet!!

:drink: :drink: :drink: :drink:
Hey Tails,

Yours new GTO looks just like mine does!
Does Mine Work????
Little Smaller This Time
Can't see it, juice
are these photos that are uploaded somehwere else and linked to in the sig? i wanted to add a sig photo
Wow almost a two year reopen...............

Tails said:
Wow almost a two year reopen...............

So old that Lane probably only had a couple hundred posts back then... :wall: :gr_devil:
mine's a bit dated...I should take some new ones.

edit: fack, my site's down right now so my sig won't show. doh.


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Awesome Doug!
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