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i was looking at SLP website and they have this head/cam package for 2,955.55
i dont really know alot about cams and stuff like this and i was wondering if this is worth getting??? and if i could get some info on heads and cams?
and this is the package
Cylinder-Head-and-Cam Package, 1999-05 346 CID LS1 525 HP.

Camshaft Specs: Valve Lift [email protected]
in: .590" 236º
ex: .590" 236º

Head Specs

AFR SLP Cylinder Heads feature:

* Intake flow up to 304 CFM at .500 lift, 320 CFM at .600 lift @ 28” of H2O.
* Exhaust flow up to 250 CFM at .600 lift @ 28” of H2O (using 1-7/8 inch exhaust pipe).
* 225cc heads with 65cc combustion chamber.
* CNC ported intake and exhaust ports, and combustion chambers.
* 2.080 intake, 1.600 exhaust standard length valves.
* 3-angle radiused valve job.
* 2.080 intake, 1.600 exhaust valves.
* 7° titanium retainers and valve locks.
* 1.290 inch double springs, 135 lbs seat, .600 inch maximum lift.
* Emissions-legal CARB EO #D250-4.
* Fully assembled, ready to bolt-on.
* Matched .590”/236º int. 590”/236º exh. camshaft.
* Will require shorter pushrods (heads milled approximately 0.042”); SLP always recommends measuring proper pushrod length (for use with SLP 51014/51015 cams, PN 53107 pushrod is likely)

It was a...
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AFR heads and a cam for $3k...without install...awfully pricey...odds are one of the suppliers to left can do more for your with less $$$.

As far as the parts go, I'm not visualizing 525HP with that setup...maybe someone who has it will chime in.

Finally, if you're going for h/c, be sure to leave some $$$ in the kitty for exhaust. Haven't clicked your sig links yet, so you might have that covered already.

Good luck!

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slp = $$$$ and no service. You can get it elswhere for less.
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