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This Story Is Double Spaced For Your Reading Pleasure.

Crusin Jefferson St When I Caught A Red Light. A Small Bule Car

Pulls Up Next To Me. I Really Wasn't Paying Attention As To

What The Vehical Was, I Was Trying To Put A Cd In. (ac-dc) The

Light Turns Green And The Car In Front Of Me Starts Moving. I

Start To Roll And The Small Blue Car Rips-em Good. Traffic Is

Movin About 40 And The Car In Front Of Me Is Turning, The Small

Blue Car Zipps In Front Of Me And Around The Car That Was In

Front Of Him. Now We're The Front 2 Cars. I'am Trying To Catch

Him But He Must Be Doin 70+. A Few Lights Up We Both Hit It Red.

As I Roll Up On Him I'am Trying To See What Kind Of Car This Is,

As I've Never Seen One Before. Its A mercedes Kompressor

Looks Like The Goat's Eatin German Tonight!! As I Watch The

Cross Light Turn Yellow, I Rev And Hold It For The Green.

The Light Turns And I Dump The Clutch, Off Like A Bat Out Of

Hell. He Stayed With Me Through 1st, But After I Hit 2nd I

Was Gone......i Shut It Down At The 2nd To 3rd Shift As We Were

Still In Town And Catching Up To Traffic. He Pulled Up Along

Side, Waved, Then Hung A Left Into The Airport. Anyone Want

Some Sourkraut And Dumplings??
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