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with installing racing/lightweight seats? Before everyone goes apeshit about this calling it rice and such, keep in mind that my car is NOT a daily driver and only a weekend warrior. As such I don't care about overall comfort and only am trying to shed weight here. I have already removed the rear seats and am installing a rear seat delete kit. These front seats with the motors are freaking heavy!!

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I haven't actually done this. Be advised the user agreement at ls1gto is specifically invoked for this post and this may not work and stuff...

To the best of my knowledge from reading the Helms and following threads here you can disconnect the battery, remove the seats, reinstall the seats and then reconnect the battery without setting an airbag code.

I think, assuming you have no active airbag codes when you start, you should be able to:

1. disconnect the battery.
2. wait 3-5 minutes for the retained accessory power in the airbag system to drain to ground.
3. remove the stock seats from the car
4. remove front seat belt buckles from the OE seats.
5. reconnect the wiring between the car and the 'seat belt pretensioner' device integral to the seat belt buckle that is monitored by the airbag system
6. install your racing seats
7. fasten the OE seat belt buckles down so they don't flop around
8. reconnect the battery

To the best of my knowledge you will have no airbag codes set. Your airbags (I think) would still deploy under whatever conditions. The trick is going to be fastening the OE seat belt buckles down in such a way they don't break anything, they should fire along with the airbags if the car ever gets wrecked.

The seat belt pretensioner is basically a medium power 12ga shotgun shell that is supposed to take the slack out of the seat belts should the SDM (airbag module) decide to deploy the airbags.

Two suggestions:

Track down a thread, I think started by Huntress, "somebody puked in my passenger seat". There are three wiring connectors between the 'car' and the motors that move each seat around. The fourth documented connector is between the SDM and seatbelt pretensioner. If you find a fifth connector in the seat somewhere, it isn't documented in the Helm's and we'll want to figure it out before you re-connect the battery.

Also, I haven't even a foggy idea of the motor laws for your state. When I do this to my NC registered car I am going to have to remount the seat belt buckle in a usable location -and remove the 5 point harnesses- to pass annual safety inspection for street legal cars. Just something to think about if you want to keep plates on the car.

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You might want to address this question to JusticePete, he has racing seats in his GTO.

And for the record, I never put up a thread about someone puking in my passenger seat. Thank God! Yuck! And yes I was searching my name... do so about once a week. Today was the day.
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