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some salesman......

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ok guys i just got a call from a dealer here in dallas and he said that they are slated to receive 27 gto's in the next two weeks. he wanted to charge me 2000 over sticker. he also told me that miami, ny, and l.a. all already had their gto', ok. anyway. does anyone believe that he could be getting this many gto's already? i am not going to get one from him b/c i know it's been a hard wait, but i am not going to give in and pay a stupid salesman 2000 over sticker. so i will be patient and wait till january. anyway, the point of this is just to let all you guys know how much i appreciate your snooping and investigating to get me the info i need to not let a salesman walk all over me.
So, Thanks!!!!!
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oh yeah, here's to you tails!!!
i'm off to get drunk!
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Which dealer?

I'm from dallas and I just got off the phone with Vistaridge and they said they have 34, yes 34 coming.
the question is should I believe them? b/c if they do, then that means that there should be at least 4 trucks loaded with nothing but GTO's headed to carrolton.


this might make for the perfect time to perfect my B&E investigation tequniques.

Sounds like BS to me --- one of the bigger Pontiac dealers in Kansas City, MO. Is getting about 9 and there first one is coming in about 3 weeks. This dealer has been in business for 45 yrs and sold nothing but Pontiac and GMC. I have heard that allocations are by Trans AM sales from previous years and alos heard that it is total sales but getting back to the #s I cant see any one getting more than in the teens.
My understanding was that the maximum any dealer(nomatter how large)was allocated was 24.
I think that is what Sewell Pontiac is getting.

Now, if a smaller dealership elects not to take the 1 they are allocated I suppose it could go to another dealership.

Of course there is always trading going on.
"If you want a GTO give me a Denali type of thing.

I would think that if a dealer tells you they are getting 34 in 1 shipment they are lying to you.
correction 37 cars but they are trickling in

i just talked to the sales manager and evidently they are the largest pontiac dealer in TX and the 2nd largest in a 12 state area. they are behind a dealer in St louis. there was a inital order of 50 cars that was split between the 2 dealers, but since visaridge sold more f-bodies when they were availaible, they get the bigger selection.

the dude said that he is working deals from all over the country form florida to oregon blah blah blah blah.

I know its sales manager BS but I'm gonna stay on this dude like stink on ***** to see if i can get him to slip up and say something that contradicts what he told me. Then i'm gonna call him on it.

oh yeah for all you Active military (i dunno if i'm the only one) GM WILL be offering the $750 military appreciation discount. (one of the only discounts available might I add.)
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I don't see those numbers unreasonable. Several dealers here have around 20+ in terms of ALLOCATION. I.E., not yet there and in the case of the one I went to last Thursday, they're getting about another 20.
Last I knew my car is the only one allotted to the dealership where I am purchasing mine at...
Anyone know how many dealers there are? In Washington there about 27. Using per capita that would be around 2500 dealers in the U.S. That makes what an average of 8 per dealer. With the number of dealers claiming they are getting 20-30-40 that makes a lot of dealers only getiing 1 or even 0??

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I count 25 Pontiac dealers in the Chicago area and I'm sure I'm probably missing about 10 that are on the outlying area as well as probably another 10-15 in Milwaukee metro as Milwaukee is technically a suburb too! :D
yes it was vista ridge and he also told me 27 gto's at 5 o'clock today is what he was receiving over the next two weeks. he also said that miami an ny already had gto's.....that is total BS!!! he doesn't know shit. the guy at james wood in denton told me he had already had to deal with disgruntled customers from vista ridge that they told they would get them a gto by then. don't listen to them......
oh, and if that doesn't make sense...i am sorry i am drunk.....

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Well Its 0515 and here I am awaiting a takeoff time so i can go fly around for a couple of hours and drop stuff out the back of my airplane.


I don't know why i'm bitching about vistaridge i only called them to see what they were gonna have in stock. I've called every single pontiac dealer in dallas and abilene and in between (you think i'm joking, I'm not I WILL get a GTO at the same time as pre-ordered ones).

I have a relative that works at AutoFlex who is acting as a find-a-car/ get best dealguy

but i gotta go time for athe briefing
GMLOAD, I know which dealer you're talking about in St. Louis. It's Behlmann Pontiac GMC. That's where I'm buying my car.
Most dealers in my area were getting between 4 and 8 GTO's. Hardly seems fair. Wait, ya' got mine. Nevermind it's perfectly fair!

There are 3600 Pontiac dealers in the US
Thanks, I knew somebody would know. That makes less than 6 per dealer on average.....

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GMLOAD, did you call james wood in denton? he is getting a silver one in january with mine. it still might not be taken yet. call juan olivares over there and ask him about it
I like the fact he is recieving 27 in the next 2 weeks - yeah sure - maybe in a year he will!

In NJ I have one of the first TPW's and mine isn't here yet and I have not heard of any others showing up yet.
Yeah with your TPW, I don't know how your's didn't make the first load.
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